Feets a-dangling While the Booze Hound Sleeps
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My roommate is a pretty heavy drinker and smoker and he spends his Saturday nights passed out on the love seat in the den. His feet extend over the arm of the love seat. He sleeps on his back and I'm concerned that the pressure on his leg from the arm of the seat could cause a blood clot. Is this a real danger? Example of his position here.
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I'd worry more about him choking on his tongue or his own vomit.
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Are you worried about his blood clot or his heavy drinking? I ask, because one detail is irrelevant.

Or if it is relevant, alcohol is at least a blood thinner.

Also, tall people have been doing that with small couches for a long time. If the picture had shown you dangling a few 45 pound plates on his toes - well that might be a different story.
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I sometimes sleep like that when I'm stone cold sober. Occasionally my neck is a little sore, but I wouldn't worry about other side effects.

I am the furthest thing from a doctor.
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IANAD but I thought that elevating your legs above your heart was a good thing for your circulation, both in your legs and body-wide.
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FWIW I slept like that thru most of high school and the first couple years of college, sometimes I'd throw an oversized throw pillow on the arm of the love seat for extra comfort but I developed no blood clots.
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Passing out face up is potentially lethal. If he throws up, he could choke to death. I believe that's what killed Jimi Hendrix.

If he's just falling asleep, that's one thing, but actual passing out is a risk.
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I would not enjoy living with someone who drank/smoked heavily and then passed out and I wonder if this concern about blood clots is actually you looking for an excuse to say "hey dude, don't do that anymore". In that case, I think the possibility of choking on vomit is way more valid. Either way, you have my sympathies, it doesn't sound like a great situation all the way around.
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Luckily for him the legs are on a couch. One thing that is a danger is that if he hangs his legs off something hard, or falls onto the hard floor in the wrong position, I have seen people cause themselves rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown) or compartment syndrome (from a crush injury). The craziest case we had in my ER was a guy who was hanging his head off the back of a hard chair while passed out drunk, and he actually infarcted his spinal cord and was paralyzed. So there's a whole bunch more things! And that's only the beginning of the zillions of types of badness that can befall you while extremely drunk, believe me.
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When I was a fireman in Athens, Ohio I picked up a 20 year old male with what looked like foam coming from his mouth. He had drowned in his own vomit. He was on his back.
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Your roommate is at high risk of choking on his own vomit. You need to put him in the recovery position.

As he's also a smoker he could quite easily burn the house down. Tell him he can't keep living with you if he continues to do this.
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As he's also a smoker he could quite easily burn the house down.

OP doesn't say that the dude smokes in the house. I wouldn't assume that he does.
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tel3path: "As he's also a smoker he could quite easily burn the house down. Tell him he can't keep living with you if he continues to do this."

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, which I'm going to assume we all agree is a fairly reputable source, 5.5% of house fires are directly related to smoking. The same study shows that 4.5% of fires are caused by children. You are at 1% greater risk of death in a house fire than you are living with children.

I assume you are not going to go on and suggest that people refuse to live with anyone under the age of 16.

The OP stated that the housemate is a smoker. She did not state that he smokes in the house, nor did she ask for people's input on the general implications of living with a smoker. She asked if the roomate had an increased risk of blood clots from sleeping on a couch.

It's a very clear question. If you do not know the answer, that's fine, but this question is not a soap box for your feelings about the evils of smoking.
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All right, I was under the impression that he was often passing out while he was smoking. If he isn't, then all the OP needs to do is put him in the recovery position. This was my very clear answer to a very clear question.
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Since I seem to have inadvertently caused distraction, I would like to reiterate my answer: put him in the recovery position so he doesn't choke on his own vomit.
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