Can someone name that show for me?
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Longshotfilter: I wanted to know what was the name of the show back in the 90's, that featured a final episode (or I think it was) based around this computer web system with a female voice. She was the mainscreen representing what we now know as the WWW and this came pretty much before the web went completely commercial. She instructed some teen to disconnect her because the human population was dying and there were only two left. Does anyone remember?
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I remember this. It was an episode of The Outer Limits. I'll leave it to someone nerdier than me to figure out which one.
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Is it Stream of Consciousness from the third season? Not quite as you describe, but it involves a neural web called the Stream which those with brain injuries are excluded from. The final scenes have a teenage boy and a woman who represents the Stream, and who eventually shuts it down.
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It might be Bits of Love.
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Was it an episode of seaQuest DSV called "Playtime"? From Wikipedia:

"A distant call for help pulls the seaQuest through an underwater anomaly, propelling the boat into the future 225 years where they find that mankind has destroyed itself, leaving only two teenaged kids as the only human life left on Earth."

The female-sounding computer that runs the future instructs the ship's wunderkind on how to deactivate it.
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We now know as the internet, perhaps?
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