What to do around a War Museum visit in Ottawa?
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Things to do in Ottawa/Gatineau for two guys in their late 20s? A visit to the War Museum is already in the cards.

What should my brother and I do in Ottawa tomorrow? He wants to see the War Museum, so we're going. We're planning on visiting both the main exhibit and the LeBreton gallery, so something that doesn't involve walking for a while would be good (I was thinking maybe Museum of Civilizations, but that seems a bit extreme re:feet). We don't have a car, so I'm wondering where we'll eat (the War Museum is a bit out of the way, even for public transportation). Is the cafeteria there any good?

About us: I live in Hull, but I'm a total homebody, so I really don't know much about where to eat/what to visit. I don't drink, so bars are mostly out. I'm very intellectual, my brother a bit less so.
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The war museum is just a couple blocks from Chinatown. Go get pho. Delicious, delicious pho. From there you could bus (walk, if you're ambitious) down to the market to wander around and see the art gallery/photography museum/parliament. You could go to the Bytowne theatre for an indie flick and get dinner at any of the excellent restaurants there.
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If you want to eat in Hull -- it's been some years since I last went but I really like Piz'za-za (try the "petite nation" pizza -- delicious).

Why not just take a bus from the War Museum...? Walk a couple of short blocks and you are right on the transitway where almost any bus will take you straight downtown. What do you guys definitely not want to see? What sorts of foods do you like? Are either of you looking to shop for some sort of what-not?

Personally, I might hop a bus to the National Gallery, and then walk around the Byward Market buying little things to nibble on while wandering (particularly from La Bottega Nicastro), stopping in at Nicholas Hoare. Perhaps visiting the Parliamentary cats if I felt like more strolling and nice views.

(On preview: Carlotta Bananas has nice ideas. Caveat: the photography museum was closed, and incorporated into the Nat'l Gallery)
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Forgive me, but you live in Gatineau ("Hull" no longer exists but you must know that) but you're posting on MeFi about what to do in your own city? Why not just ask a friend there?
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Response by poster: Hull still exists to the people who live there. Plans were made late, and it was already 11 p.m. here in view of Parliement Hill when I posted the question.
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Just so you know, the war museum is actually impressively close to one of the most useful bus stations in the city- Lebreton station (it really appears to be more of a 'stop'). All the main routes go through there, so if you find something you want to do accross the city, chance are you could easily bus.

In terms of walking-downtown is a short jaunt east on scott street, but do walk south on Booth there to find some Pho on somerset- it's the ultimate in cheap and delicious, and you can have it with some delicious rice wraps and vietnamese coffee (for all of which you'd likely pay <3>
If I were you, I'd go for a tour around Parliament/the locks and get to know historic, beautiful Ottawa- it's definitely walkable within about 30min from the war museum, and I'm sure a staff member could direct you. It would be an even shorter bus ride!
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"(for all of which you'd likely pay <>)
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for all of which you'd likely pay "under $30"
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Grab the OC Transpo #8, right out front of the War Museum (ask the staff at the museum for schedule info - they'll probably have it) and you will be downtown in no time; it lets you off along the transitway, and if you get off at O'Connor or Metcalfe is a quick (3 block) walk to Parliament Hill. Fare is $3.25 each.

From there, you can head over to visit the Ottawa Locks of the Rideau Canal, which would be interesting this week especially because it is the Rideau Canal Festival and go into the Byward Market or walk across the Alexandra Bridge and you will be at the Museum of Civilization.

In the Market there are lots of places to eat, but where to go depends on what kinds of food you like to eat.

Alternatively, if you get on the #8 in the other direction (you wait for it on the opposite side of Booth from the War Museum) it will take you to the Museum of Civilization. You can buy a discounted admission that includes both museums; ask at the desk of the War Museum when you're there. At Civ you can also check out what is playing on IMAX.
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I know it's far, but if you're into this sort of thing I totally recommend the Canadian Aviation Museum.

It's accessible by OC Transpo, and it's in the east end of the city. But it's got an incredible collection of planes!
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I think the Buskerfest is on this weekend on Spark Street.
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This is A. A late reply and B. probably nearly impossible without a car but my favorite thing in Ottawa was the Diefenbunker.

Hopefully someone else will come across this and go someday. It was AWESOME.
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