Where to find VitaMalts in North Carolina/Tennessee?
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A while ago a trip to the Bahamas ended up with me hooked on Vita Malt. Are there any brick-and-mortar sources in West North Carolina/East Tennessee I can try?

Vita Malt is this quirky beverage brewed from hops. It tastes like a sweet beer but without the alcohol. Once you get past your first bottle, it can be addictive.

I've been scouring the local markets for the stuff since I got back from a trip to the Bahamas, but I have not found it (or anything like it) yet. When I was in Texas, a few specialty markets carried it, but Tennessee and North Carolina have been less forgiving.

I found one online retailer who sells it, but as much as I love the drink I can't bring myself to pay an arm and a leg (note: it comes in glass bottles by the case).

Any ideas or suggestions?
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The US brand Malta Goya might be easier to get. Also check Hispanic groceries.
posted by nangar at 2:05 PM on July 30, 2010

Try any west african store you can find. (I'll ask my sister to text me the name of one in NC when i get home from work).
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I came to suggest Malta Goya as well. Even in small towns in East TN, it is readily available in the grocery store's Hispanic section.
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Yup, Malta Goya. It was also called Vita Malt in Germany.
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