isolated bass tracks/ grooves
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I'm looking for audio files of isolated bass grooves/ bass tracks (songs or lengthy jams) that I can play drums along with... not having a lot of luck with youtube... doesn't really matter what type of music....
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Do you have a Mac? You could set these up pretty easily with GarageBand and Apple Loops.
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If you like The Who, there are a ton of good isolated John Entwistle tracks on YouTube.

Won't Get Fooled Again (The best of the bunch, IMO)

Baba O'Riley

Who Are You

Going Mobile

You have to wait a few moments on a few of these for John to enter, but it's worth the wait!

There's a few others that feature the bass but have the band audible in the background. Not sure if that's a dealbreaker, but Young Man Blues and My Generation from "Live at Leeds" are worth a listen, anyway.

Hope this helps, and have fun jamming.
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That reminds me, this dude Rick has James Jamerson bass tracks on his website. James Jamerson. The Champion of the Bass Guitar.
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maybe go to metafilter music & ask the crafty folk there to whip some up for you?
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You can make your own with soundation.
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