[NYC Filter] Help me reunite this camera with its owner?
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Can you help identify the location in these photos?

My boss found a camera in a cab about four days ago, but she doesn't recall exactly when so we can't look through her receipts to find cab's medallion number to contact the driver, etc., to do this the TLC-approved way.

Based on previous AskMe's about finding lost cameras, I'm posting a set of carefully edited images on my Flickr account and putting out a Craigslist ad, but here's where you MeFites might be able to help.

In the set is an image of a table and painting from where the bridal shower was held, the view from a balcony where the reception was held, a painting from inside where the reception was held, and I think this is where the wedding was held.

Based on one of the other images, I think they went to the Monkey Bar after the wedding, and someone from there called me back saying that someone did ask about a lost camera, but the person didn't leave a name or contact number. If I can identify the other places and things, I might be able to triangulate and get more phone calls out there.

Is there anything else I can do to help get this camera back to where it belongs?
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Well, that's clearly St. Patrick's Cathedral in back in the balcony shot. Across the street is the New York Palace hotel, which has spaces for weddings.
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Definitely have seen info on that wedding location at bridal shows- if only I could remember the name of it! It's a spot you rent, they do a lot of weddings.
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I'd say contact moderators of wedding boards such as TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com.

For some strange reason I can't view the exif data but I'd go through the images and pull together the pertinent dates of the occurences and use it to build a "wedding" file of date and approximate times and go from there.
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I've posted a link to this thread on The Knot's NYC wedding board. Will post back any answers.
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I'm pretty sure I've been on that balcony. It's part of "3 West Club" on 3 West 51st Street.
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Surely you can get the date/time stamps for the images out of the camera. The ones that were taken during the wedding/reception. Then check with the venues that you've identified. They should have contact information for the people who used the venue on that specific date/time. They may not just give it to you, but they could forward a message.
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I think the New York Palace hotel is on the "back" side of the cathedral. On the side shown in the picture is the Rockefeller Center which has a balcony, possibly for a restaurant. (NOT FROM NEW YORK)
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tilde: I think I have the date of when the wedding took place, but I don't want to post it so that I can weed out the scammers and the creepy people.

The sad part is that my second best clue (a gift box from Michael C. Fine) didn't lead anywhere because no one had registered with them for a wedding on the date in question.
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+1 Bobby Van. Look at the pictures of the ballroom, then at the picture at the top of the 3 West Club website. That's where the wedding was.
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I think the New York Palace hotel is on the "back" side of the cathedral.

Yes, my bad. That wire thing in back of them seems like it would be pretty distinctive as confirmation of which balcony they are on.
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Balcony photo of 3 West Club, showing the wire thingie.
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Just to clarify, you guys think the wedding was at the Palace, and the reception was at the 3 West Club?

The lost and found guy at the Palace goes home at 3 pm Monday through Friday, so I'll call him back on Monday.
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No, I misread the Google map and I doubt the Palace is involved at all. Sorry!
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Sorry, I meant to help with the moderator discussions. I had a sample email on the original response:

"Thanks for getting back to me, [moderator]. The camera has pictures from [event] and [event] and [event], and the wedding probably took place in or around the [weekend] of [month]. I have more specific info than that, but perhaps someone will recoginze themselves or someone from the wedding from the provided pictures."

Holding back the date to general public, yes; stripping exif data anyone can read to guess the camera info ect = good.

A decade ago, the message boards would be filled with mostly gals planning their weddings and the moderators might be familiar with a likely place/time group to poll/check with. Not sure how populated they are or used in that way today. Mods would know.
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What about submitting the pictures to this blog?
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Would you want to consider posting to I Found Your Camera?
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No, I agree that the whole thing looks like the 3 West Club - the photo at "This is where I think the wedding was held" is clearly the ballroom - compare the mirrors.
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alynnk & pyjammy: Already sent an email, but according to their About page, they update their blog on Saturdays.

Also, I just talked to a guy from the 3 West Club who said they'd forward a message to the director of catering who handles these things. He also said that someone had inquired about a lost camera, so things are looking up!
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I think the Nancy Reagan photo may be a painting done by Zita Davisson for the Women's National Republican Club.

The club appears to have several walls that color, but I can't make out the paintings from this photo.
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nuffsaid: You're spot-on; other photos taken near the time of that one show the floors as matching the ones in the image you linked.
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Regarding "I Found Your Camera" - I submitted some pics from a camera I found in February of this year and it took them until May to post them, so don't expect a snappy response.
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Awesome update: The lady at the 3 West Club says that the bride and groom—who had handed the camera to a friend to take pictures of the event for them—reported their camera lost (possibly left in a cab) and were very sad that it went missing.

Once some other details have been confirmed, I'm going to head up there right now and drop it off with them so that they can get it to the couple (who is undoubtedly on their honeymoon).

Hooray, and thank you for helping me I.D. the locations! I swear, y'all are totally awesome.
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AWESOME! Great job TrishaLynn -- this is what AskMeFi is all about!
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As "a friend" who once was given the bride's camera to take pictures, and as said camera was subsequently lost (after I gave it to a bridesmaid!), this outcome is very awesome!
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FYI: I flipped the switch on the Flickr set switching it back to private.
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