What follows Inception?
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I just got my mind blown by Inception. So I watched The Dark Knight again to maintain the high. Now what? What are some excellent movies that leave you scratching your head?

Of course next on my list are the rest of Christopher Nolan's films, Memento and Insomnia I've already seen, but need a refresher.

Looking for all or one of the following:

-plot that examines human psyche/ethics/motivations
-well-developed, intriguing characters (ex. Joker)
-surprise twist ending
-gob-smacking effects/fight scenes
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The first three of your desiderata are met by Primer. (Don't read the plot summary before you watch the movie, though.)
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Mulholland Drive
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The Machinist (spoilers in Wiki article)
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The Usual Suspects is twisty and clever, though I do not remember much in the way of effects/fight scenes.
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Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"
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Usual suspects
He loves me, he loves me not (French film)
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Oldboy. Although the fight scenes might be more stomach-churning than gobsmacking, but I'd say this otherwise fits your criteria.
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I feel like Knife in The Water counts, as does The Last Year At Marienbad.
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The Spanish Prisoner
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Michael Clayton
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After Primer, for more of your confusing time-travel needs, try Los Cronocrímenes.
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griphus's is definitely a spoiler.

Magnolia; but it might not satisfy your 4th criteria. (And +1 for Mulholland Drive.)
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The Third Man .. well, except for the effects I guess! The chase in the sewer is pretty cool though.

Paprika has marvellous dream sequences and will definitely leave you baffled.
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Griphus: I don't think that's a spoiler. It might help him understand it the first three or four times he watches it. I've seen it a dozen sometimes and I still come away with it think, "Wait, WHAT!?" It's so good though!

I also liked The Machinist quite a bit, thought that has fewer action scenes (maybe none, from what I remember).

Oh, and not to seem like a HUGE Christian Bale fangirl (I am, I admit it!) don't forget about American Psycho.
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets all of your criteria. It's my favorite movie ever. It examines human psyche/ethics/motivations through watching someone's dreams, like Inception (although I haven't seen Inception and am kind of dreading it - I kind of imagine it like Eternal Sunshine (a friendly, low-key but emotional and poignant movie) moved to Hollywood and took a bunch of cocaine.
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Ghost in the Shell, 1 & 2

The chase/fight in the outdoor market in 1 was stolen outright for The Matrix
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Dark City.
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Dark City

And not so much with the effects, but fits most of your other points:

Jacob's Ladder
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Manchurian Candidate
Cape Fear
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We must not forget Face/Off.
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Stay (spoilers in this link--don't read too far).
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Memento if you like Nolan, which I do.
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La Jetée
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Dark City (!!!)

Also, an indy film called The Matrix.
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Gozu. The ending's *ahem* climactic scene is, uh, memorable. The entire movie is very reminiscent of David Lynch, though.
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Maybe Vertigo (all but the special effects)
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No David Fincher yet?

Fight Club

The Game
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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Last Year at Marienbad
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The Prestige and The Illusionist
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Possession (breakup story as a horror movie)
L'Amour Braque (I can't prove it, but I'm convinced that this movie was a stylistic influence on The Dark Knight. Either way, it's pretty fantastic - a freewheeling adaptation of Dostoevsky's The Idiot, reimagined as a sleazy French crime film.)
Naked Lunch
Dark City
Red Rock West (it might be "just" a crime movie, but it's one of the very best of its kind)
After Dark, My Sweet (ditto)
Bitter Moon (highly underrated)
The Fall (god-smacking effects galore, and no CGI!)
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (another visual extravaganza)
Seconds (a bit like a two hour long Twilight Zone episode)
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Also, Paprika is totally awesome and everyone who saw Inception should see it.
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I'd second Mulholland Drive, and also recommend Lost Highway.
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Ghost in the Shell, 1 & 2

Well if you're going to watch that then you should watch Akira as well.
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No Country for Old Men.

The ending isn't exactly a twist, but it's definitely unexpected.
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If you're into films that revolve around existential and philosophical questions ("do we exist", "are we a figment of someone's imagination", "are we stuck in a video game / dream" then I recommend you check out this Google spreadsheet listing 20 such films

Entitled "And It Was All Just A Dream", its creation was inspired by Inception.
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Infernal Affairs (the classic HK movie that the departed was based on)
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The City of Lost Children
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I'll second Mulholland Drive and Oldboy. If you like Korean movies like Oldboy, you should check out The Chaser (추격자) as well, which is excellent.
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Another great one I thought of is Irréversible, but it is EXTREMELY DISTURBING. Haunting, even. So, definitely not one to watch if you, for example, can't handle extended periods of HORRIBLE VIOLENCE. (Obviously there are spoilers in the wiki!) So intense, but really effin' brilliant.
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Old Boy will absolutely warp your mind. It is THE ultimate revenge movie. Don't read about it, just watch it.
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12 Monkeys
Don't Look Now

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2nding The Game.

No fight scenes/special effects, but I absolutely love Primal Fear. It has all the other things you listed, plus it's baby-faced Edward Norton in his first movie. Definitely worth seeing.
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2nding Moon.
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You might want to look into movies like:

12 Monkeys
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Haute Tension
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The Brothers Bloom
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There are those who consider the movie A.I. to be overly sentimental, but I personally think that it is absolutely brilliant and that it meets all your criteria for a great and mind-blowing movie.
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I came in to suggest Jacob's Ladder.
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nthing The Game!! One of Michael Douglas' best performances.
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F for Fake
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For a similar story-within-a-story type of head-scratcher, I'd recommend Synecdoche New York. No action or fight scenes, though.
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It's a spy thriller full of people with questionable motivations, has a twist/head-scratcher ending (although not on the same sort of philosophical level as Inception), and some of the best car chases ever filmed.

Plus, if you want to put a depressing cherry on the head-scratcher sundae, watch the alternate ending on the DVD!
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No effects, but it's definitely a good head-trip movie: House of Games. Directed by David Mamet, who also did The Spanish Prisoner, already mentioned above.

Maybe Angel Heart? Again, no effects, but twisty.
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Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) and then, if you're feeling up to a bit of a disappointment afterwards, the Americanized version, Vanilla Sky.

Michel Gondry has no love in this thread. Nobody to my mind has surpassed his ability to combine the weird human psyche examination (usually though not always provided by Charlie Kaufman's crazy scripts) with gobsmacking visuals. The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are good places to start. (On preview, I see Eternal Sunshine gets some love, so...)

Blow Up
Solaris (or Solyaris)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (The Joker's last movie...)

and from the list so far, nthing:
Naked Lunch
F for Fake
The Fall
12 Monkeys
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Also, I see some trending directors in this thread—for the most part those who's work is worth checking out in its entirety:

Terry Gilliam
David Fincher
Steven Soderbergh
David Mamet
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The title sounds way wussy in English, but nevertheless the Korean movie Save the Green Planet satisfies all of your criteria quite well. And on top of that, it's hilarious.
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I second Primal Fear. I remember not being able to sleep the night I watched it the first time...it made Edward Norton my favorite actor!
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You've mentioned Memento, but you'll probably also like Nolan's Following.
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Run Lola Run

Nearly anything by Michael Haneke.
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Definitely check out Solaris
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The Sixth Sense.
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Shutter Island.
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- overshadowed by The Matrix since it was released around the same time with a similar(ish) visual style. If you like Christian Bale, watch this. Check marks on explorations of human ethics and morality, intriguing characters and some nice fight scenes as well

- definitely belongs in the mind fuck category. Light on the action, heavy on the head games. Lots of twists within twists.

- Canadian horror at it's finest. Heavy on the psychology and characters, with select bits of sort of action.
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Vanilla Sky
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Ridley Scott's Alien.
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Don't miss Nolan's Following.
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Oh, Schizopolis certainly is unique.
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Korean cinema really is where you need to go with this search. In addition to Old Boy, I would suggest Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. It's got kidnapping, mystery, murder, and deeply unsettling twists and surprises. And I do mean deeply.
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Absolutely stay away from any Wikipedia page about any of the movies folks are recommending here (jeez, folks, find another site to link where the point *isn't* to spoil everything completely).

Anyway, add another vote for The Machinist - a deeply creepy and confusing psychological thriller that builds suspense mostly through an amazing performance by Christian Bale as a man whose brain and body are being destroyed by an inability to sleep. The terror and hallucinations get to the point you almost can't take it anymore, sitting there captivated whispering "what the fuck is really going on here" to yourself, and then it delivers something smart and interesting at the end (although some critics wanted more, I found the dramatic arc of the film to be intense and satisfying). I wanted to watch it again almost immediately.
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Repo! The Genetic Opera is a great film with a fantastic cast that hits: exploration of human motivations, well-developed characters, and interesting effects. Directed by the guy who directed the later Saw films, and starring Paul Giamatti, Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy), Sarah Brightman, that girl from Spy Kids, and grumble mumble Paris Hilton don't let that stop you mumble mumble. It's a rock opera about a future in which a big corporation manufactures human organs, and is allowed by law to repossess them. It's really, really good.
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moon is really rough to watch, predictable, and would be great as a short or a short story rather than a full-length feature film. i would not put moon on this list. i would say that i quick read of a spoiler will save you some time....
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Red Road (trailer - no spoilers - less you know the better)
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Vanilla Sky is a MUCH better film than Abre los Ojos. VS has better casting (Tom Cruise as a going-on-40 manchild is much more believable than the Spanish 20-something we're supposed to believe is approaching a midlife crisis- horrible casting) and VS has a shatteringly amazing soundtrack while the AlO has an absolute crap, forgettable one. VS has some amazing, gorgeous effects and cinematography. Better movie in every way.
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Gattaca, though not so much with the fight scenes, and not very twisty. Good film, though, and definitely fits #1 and #2 (plus great cast, and SF that isn't just action with lasers). Also, perhaps, Pan's Labyrinth (has everything, including effects--some fighting, not so much with the main character!). Nthing Moon and Paprika for various reasons.
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Nthing Dark City (watch the Ebert commentary on the DVD; Roger LOVES this movie and will tell you exactly precisely why).

Nthing Primal Fear, which is also a pretty good book. I hate Richard Gere but that is some of the best work he ever did, and of course Edward Norton is revelatory in it. Try not to read anything about it ahead of time, as the statute of limitations on spoiling the twist is well over.

Also, I cant believe no one has mentioned LA Confidential. Twist, characters, big tine ethics/motivations. Wonderful movie!
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Big time, that is. I will never understand why the iOS autocorrect thinks I would ever type "tine" in a sentence that doesn't include the word "fork."
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Check out The Stunt Man. Ex-Marine on the run from the cops stumbles onto the set of a WWI movie, manages to get hired as a stunt man. Don't want to give too much away, but this is a brilliant movie about making an movie, a thinking-person's action thriller, with a great cast (Peter O'Toole, Steve Railsback, Barbara Hershey), great writing and spectacular direction by Richard Rush. Very romantic, as well. One of my all-time favorites.
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Just a little follow-up, an excerpt from the review I linked to above (written in 2001, btw):

"Part of The Stunt Man's irresistible appeal is the philosophy that films are our imagination, dreams, and nightmares. They are not abstract, logical, or objective. The idea of transubstantiation -- that is what cinema is. Watching this film, you have to believe in everything and in nothing at all. It is easy to be frustrated with The Stunt Man, misunderstand it and miss the point. But if you get the film, its clever dialogue and biting sharp humor, you will fall in love with it."
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Argentinian film Nine Queens, although it lacks any fight scenes.
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I just remembered Kafka, which I really need to watch again. Great atmosphere.
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If you rent/download/Netflix Dark City, make sure you get the Director's Cut. The original cut is dumb, dumb, dumb.

And, if you're going for head-scratcher (though not exactly a pulse-pounding visual feast): Donnie Darko. (Or in the 21st century, has everyone already seen this...?)
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One of the daddies of the whole mixed up temporal theme in recent films: Toto Le Héros, a little known (certainly in the US, where it's never made it onto DVD, apparently) Belgian film from 1991. It's not just some boring arthouse flick, but genuinely enjoyable. Short on fight scenes, but big on head scratching.


The film's structure is unusual especially in its complex treatment of time, with multithreaded flashbacks and dream sequences arranged according to a complicated, child-like logic in which events at different times are seen to mirror or echo earlier or later events, sometimes obviously and sometimes so subtly that it can only be discerned after repeated viewing.

The complex temporal structure of the film has been compared with other films that use nonlinear and parallel treatments of time, such as Run Lola Run, but Toto le Héros is exceptional in the degree to which this technique is carried, with scenes at the same time flashing back and flashing forward to other scenes, and sometimes even with the same scene apparently incorporating events from different timelines or different points on the same timeline.

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Also, for the ultimate "I was only dreaming" experience, see an entire season of Dallas. Bobby's dead. Oh no he's not. He's behind youu!

I'm pretty sure I'm not spoiling anything for you. You'd need to be certifiably nuts to sit through that twaddle.
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the prestige!
and primer!

and that other crazy aranofsky film with hugh jackman and rachel weisz (I think) where he's a conquistadore and a bald spaceman adventurer and it spans millenia in the same film. it's excellent and probably been mentioned on the thread already but there's too many suggestions to check. anyway, find it and watch it - it's great.

2001 in case you haven't seen it by some mad chance.

the shining
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I just checked and unbelieveably it hasn't been mentioned.

the movie I was mentioning was "the fountain" - it'll totally tick your box. it'll fuck you in the ass. get it watched.

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Guy Ritchie's "Revolver" is the perfect complement to "Inception," with a very similar transplantation of ego/belief.
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Before the Rain
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How about Shutter Island?
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After Mulhollland Drive and Lost Highway comes Inland Empire. It plays around heavily with the notions of tv storytelling, which some people claim Inception is about as well.

Fassbinder's Welt am Draht (World on a Wire) is very good, too. Apart from the 70s style (which makes it look strangely retro-futuristic), it's a very good story that explores Matrix-like themes.

A few others that have probably been mentioned: Primer, Donnie Darko, Twelve Monkeys, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Moon, Solaris, 2001.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm looking forward to getting a lot of these.
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Seconding Before the Rain.
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