Recommendations for a weekend getaway in or around Toronto.
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Can anyone recommend some last minute weekend getaways in or around the Toronto area?

My wife and I are a bit burned-out. It has been a fairly stressful summer and we would like to get away this weekend (last minute, I know).

Preferably, somewhere near water/beach. A little inn, with some local restaurants/bars. We were thinking of bringing bikes, so bike trails would be a bonus.

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I often recommend Sir Sam's Inn in Haliburton. Nice rooms and beautiful lake. Water spa is great. Food is good, but there are options in the town as well. Not cheap, but very enjoyable.

The nearby wolf sanctuary is well worth a visit as well, particularly if you can go on a day when they are feeding the wolves.
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You might have a challenge booking something this weekend, since it's a long weekend.

Your best bet might be some "alternative" holiday places: meaning pretty, but not tradtionally getaway. Think Guelph, Peterborough, Lakefield, etc.

Here's a list of bike trails in and around Peterborough, for example.
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I was going to recommend Niagara on the Lake too. You can bike between the wineries, and there are an abundance of small restaurants and nice places to stay. Not really a water/beach kind of place, though.
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If you're familiar with the Toronto Island, there are people who live on Ward's Island and several provide bed & breakfast service. I did it a few times, and it does provide an easy getaway. You just take the subway to Union Station and then the ferry to Ward's.

Here are a list of phone numbers:


There is a really nice restaurant to eat at, the Rectory Cafe:

Actually, just a day trip to go for a walk on the islands and then eat at the Rectory Cafe could give you a bit of a getaway.
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My two cents? Kingston. I don't know if you've ever been to Charleston, SC, USA, but Kingston is eerily like it, only Canadian. Cobblestone streets, quaint shops, lots of local bistros. My husband and I were quite taken with it when we stopped through in July.
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The Breadalbane Inn in Fergus. Go river tubing at the nearby Elora Gorge and explore the town of Elora.
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I expect that the Toronto Islands will be jam packed for Caribana this weekend. Lot's of fun and relaxation any other time. The nude beach is great, too.

2nding tubing in Elora. Lots fun but wear a light life-vest because it's easy to get dumped in a couple of spots and I saw a woman almost drown a few years ago. Don't forget sunblock.
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The Breadalbane Inn sounds great. Unfortunately, they're booked-up solid this weekend.

Going through some of the NOTL inns and B&B's now. We really should not have left it until today to plan and book. ;)
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