Themes are hard. Lets drink tea.
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Need ideas for a asb/leadership team year "theme" please!

My sister is the Director of Buildings and Grounds at her high school and is looking for a theme for the school year of activities and spirit days. We are looking for a theme that is either clever, or so lame it makes the loop back up to cool (Things that won't ever make the "climb" include Miley Cyrus and Microsoft).

Catchy catch phrases welcome!

Thanks for all of your creativity, Mighty Meta's :)
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Act like you own the place.
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Community Character - it gets at improving civic spaces, being better citizens and defining one's identity, all good tasks for high schoolers.
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It's Alive
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Seems like you need a broad theme so you can have a bunch of sub-themes for individual days or events.

"It's our time" or some other thing about time and then you can do all kinds of different decade related stuff.

Something related to around the world or traveling would give you lots of sub-theme options.

Sorry if these are a bit overdone and dorky.

"It's Alive" would be kind of fun, you could have a bunch of different zombie related things. Or vampires.
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Is there something related to "Glee" that would work? My daughter (incoming hs freshman) and her crowd are all into the Glee / chorus / band geek thing right now.

Also, I see what you did there...
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Is there a mascot? This could lead Wolverines on the prowl, Pantherpalooza, It's always Tornado season, etc.
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