Vieques vacation
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Things to do in Vieques?

My girlfriend and I are going to Vieques, Puerto Rico soon. So far, we plan on snorkeling, biking, kayaking in the Bioluminescent Bay and relaxing excessively. Are there any things/places/secrets we have to check out while we're there? Do we really need to rent a car?
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hunt for unexploded bombs! Fun for all the family!
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Vieques is lovely (and the Navy is no longer there). Stay at Hix Island House if you can, and you probably need to hire a car (Jeep) if you want to explore the abandoned military base at the east end of the island (but biking it is possible, of course). Best beaches are Navio and Sun Bay (both locations for the 1963 film version of Lord of the Flies). There's lots of info at Enchanted Isle and you can even hum Pixies songs while you're there.
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I just saw a show on Fine Living Channel that focused on travel to Vieques. Contained lots of good vacation tips. It will be re-run twice in coming days. You should check it out.
To get the exact program times, schedules, go to this web page and scroll down to the bottom.,1663,FINE_1637,00.html

Good luck!

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Also see Vieques, Far From The Lounge-Chair Crowd from todays NYT.
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