Seeking good CBT therapist in/near Boston
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Hi All, I'm looking for a CBT (cognitive behavioral) therapist in Boston. I'm interested in talking about relationships, my goals, my career, etc. I have a history of dysthymia/mild depression. My insurance is Harvard Pilgrim HMO. I'm open to other varieties of therapy around the CBT vein, dialectical behavioral therapy or whatever, as long as the person is good. If you have a suggestion of someone who doesn't take Harvard Pilgrim, or you don't know, please list them anyway. Thanks!
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Denise Benoit rocks, if you're willing to cross the river. I've seen a few therapists over the years but the sessions I had with Denise were much more productive and goal-oriented.

I don't know about whether she takes Harvard Pilgrim, but she put up with my crappy insurance company that no one's ever heard of.
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Boston University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (aka CARD).

They have a sliding scale of fees, and while they don't bill insurance directly, they can give you receipts which you can submit yourself if you want.
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