What kind of hardware would I need to convert the top of my desk to an adjustable sit/stand?
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I'm really intrigued by the idea of a variable height sit/stand desk, but for a couple reasons, I'm probably stuck with my current utterly inconspicuous, heavy wood composite desk. Fortunately, the top comes off, so I think I might be able to modify the desk so that I can raise/lower the top independently of the rest of the desk. What kind of hardware would I need, and where can I buy it?

By "modify the desk", I mean:
- remove the brackets holding on the top
- screw stuff into the composite wood of both the desk top and the rest of the desk.

Ideally, there'd be some sort of intro-level physics that reduces the effort needed to raise/lower the desk, and some way to lock the top into an arbitrary position. The problem is, I don't really know what to even search for- pneumatic arm? Counterbalance lever?
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You can buy table legs from ikea that are adjustable in height.
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Best answer: Here's a crank-based table lifter that will go about 7", which is probably not enough. There may be other mechanisms you can buy for your existing desk.

Usually height-adjustable desks are built around a custom mechanism, so refit gear is hard to find. Our library has self-check-out system desks that adjust up and down quickly for standing patrons to those in chairs; they are probably very expensive.

A thought: if you use a "high-rise chair" (Google that) with a foot rest you can either sit at the chair or stand and not need to move the table surface up and down at all. Just put blocks under its legs.
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If you're looking for something similar to a drafting table, you can get hardware for that via the Rockler catalog. The link is to adjustable drafting table hardware - lift to position and lock in place, lift again to release.

Warning: they will send you woodworking catalogs forever.
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How quickly do you want to be able to raise it? I haven't done this myself but at one point I was looking around for a solution that could be raised in a few seconds, and the only thing I found was a low table at staples that could swivel up and to the front which raised it by about 2-2.5' iirc. I was thinking of getting a low table and putting this swivel table on top of it, or cutting legs of swivel table and putting it on a regular desk. The table cost around $100. Unfortunately I can't find it on their site, but if you call them they might be able to help. It was a really plain table, about 3' high when not raised, about 4'x4' square.
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Best answer: You could buy some linear actuators! I bought a pair, some 1X6 lumber, and a table / desk top from Ikea and built myself a height adjustable desk.

Or you could buy a "geek desk".
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A lot of this is going to depend on how high/ low tech you want to go, and how fast you want the table to come up.

If you want something that could potentially support a lot of weight and require a minimum of build work, you could probably base it around automotive jack stands it would be ugly and inelegant, but strong and not terribly expensive.
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Do you need the whole desk to be adjustable, or would a sit/stand keyboard tray be sufficient?

I've been using one for a week or so now, after my old cheap roller tray exploded, and am finding it really comfortable; I'm standing more often than I'm sitting.
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Go with the high chair and a standing desk. I've known three different people who have had adjustable height desks and never adjusted the height because it was a pain in the ass. Two bought tall chairs and just enjoyed being "king of the office" the third put a small conference table in his off and put two chairs at that.
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