Java SE 6 for Mac Link Down
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How do I get Java SE 6 on my Mac OS?

I run on Mac OS X 10.5.8, and I've had a few hard drive crashes which may have erased past system updates. One of the updates that got erased (or never got done) was the update to Java SE 6 (OS X 10.5 Java Update 1), which I need to run a program I just downloaded. Update 1 (there are 7 updates total) is the only Java update for 10.5 that actually installs SE 6 on the OS, but it's also the only one that I cannot download from the Mac Support page. Instead, I get an internal service error. Can anyone help me?
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Yeah, the download button at the Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 page fails for me as well. You can download it directly from The version of Java 6 it installs is insecure, after installing it make sure you update to the most recent version (I think that's here).
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So apparently, it's a moot point. The update only works for a 64-bit capable intel mac. That would explain why I never got it.
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If you absolutely need Java SE 6 on a 32-bit Mac, you can use SoyLatte. It's X-based so it's kind of ugly but it does work with some wrangling.
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