Los Angeles Romance 101
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Is romance alive and well in Los Angeles? Help me romance a queer girl in LA.

I just started dating an amazing woman who lives in Hollywood and while we're both romantics at heart she has only lived in the area for six months while I live in Denver. I am flying out this weekend to see her again and would love to get some ideas of the quintessential romantic things to do in the LA area. Details include:

- We're queer and of the Butch (me)/Femme (she) variety.
- She's in her late 20s and I'm 40, though maintain a youthful outlook.
- She's an ethical vegan. I'm not, but am super respectful of her choices and don't eat meat or much in the way of animal products when I'm with her.
- She does have a dog with somewhat aggressive tendencies so anything to do with "take the dog to the dog park" is probably not in our best interest at this point.
- While money is not an issue for me, she shies away from *excessively* flashy/expensive things.

We both love film, music and experiences in general. We can make a good time out of just about anything (hello creepy Scientology Museum of Psychiatry & Death!). We've done the Griffith Observatory and loved that a lot. We're likely to hit the Getty or the Getty Villa this weekend and if there are any hints or tips for romantic touches there, bring it.

Thanks much!
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Cinespia. August 7th they're playing All about Eve which is one of my favorite movies of all time. Bring a picnic and a blanket. Cemetery in the dark with an old movie is just about the height of romance as far as I'm concerned.
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2nding Cinespia. And alcohol is permitted, so maybe a nice bottle of wine with your picnic?
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Although this is a repeat of the above, when you go to the Getty, you should also pack a picnic lunch - I'm not sure that they have much there in terms of delicious vegan food. If you are prepared with something she loves to eat, that would be very sweet and much appreciated, I'm sure.
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The legendary Museum of Jurassic Technology is not to be missed. It's in Culver City, which is on the same general side of town as the Getty, so you could possibly plan to do both in a day.
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If you're looking for vegan restaurant ideas, check out Quarry Girl for reviews.
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Congrats! Sounds like you'll have a really fun weekend.

Take a drive up Mullholland at night and see the amazing spread of the city. Watch the sunset at the Santa Monica pier. Bring a jacket, it's been chilly.

Do some more searching, there are tons of great reccomendations in previous questions.
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For a dinner spot, my vegan friend swears by Real Food Daily. There's a location in West Hollywood, I believe, and Santa Monica as well.
As far as museums go, you mentioned the Getty, which is really beautiful and you should definitely check out. I also recommend The Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown.
If you're into film, the Arclight in Hollywood is a good theater to see a regular ol' movie. But if you're feeling adventurous, Quentin Tarantino's theater The New Beverly is someplace where you can check out stuff you really can't find anywhere else. And it's right by the Farmer's Market, which is always fun to poke around.
Have fun!
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If you're up for it, you may want to try an out-of-town weekend retreat in Catalina or Santa Barbara wine country.

The Botanical Gardens in Pasadena are nice to visit, and you should try and walk around Griffith Park at some point. Downtown, you can visit MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), catch concerts at Disney Hall or the Music Center, and may also enjoy taking a peek at Olivera Street. Also, a comedy show at UCB or iO can be cheap and fun.

Have fun!
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If you do go to Cinespia, http://twitter.com/foodloveswine does lovely organic, exciting picnic baskets. She usually puts out a menu, but would probably be down to make it vegan if you contact her ahead of time.

I also recommend First Friday on Abbot Kinney if you're there next weekend. It's a great atmosphere.
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Thanks all. Appreciate the information!
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