Need a night away in Toronto. Recommendations, please!
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I need a recommendation for a hotel room in downtown-ish Toronto, hopefully under $200-300, with a kickass view. For this Saturday night.

I have finally found dog and cat sitters, have a couple days off work, and want to take the husband and I to Toronto for a night in a nice swanky hotel. I've looked on priceline,, hotwire, expedia, etc. etc. and have read tons of reviews, but am also looking for personal recommendations or warnings. (I've searched previous questions, they are not what I'm looking for.)

Things we'd prefer are: high-rise, nice view, big windows, king bed and big tv. Included parking (or under $20) is a big plus, as is free wifi, and breakfast.

I'm not concerned about anything else in the hotel, like restaurants or fitness centers. I don't really care what it's close to, either, since we'll probably be mostly in the room.

I'd really like to stay under or around $200-300

We've stayed at the Cambridge Suites many times and love it there, but wanted to try something different. The one we keep coming back to is the Grand Hotel on Jarvis, but we're not set on it yet.

What would you recommend?
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My cousin works at the Cambridge Suites, so that's nice to hear. Have you looked at the Westin Harbour Castle? Down on the lakeshore so you have nice walks on your doorstep, and views of the city or Toronto Islands, depending on which side you are staying in.
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It's just outside your top end price range for a room on the upper floors, but the refurb job they did on the old Holiday Inn on King to turn it into a Hyatt Regency looks pretty nice in the lobby -- I imagine the rooms are also nice. The views are probably less nice than they were since they built the Bell Lightbox right next to it -- possibly other new condos also block the views.

I do agree with Frasermoo that the Westin Harbour Castle is an obvious choice for views, though the city side views might be kind of obscured by condos and largish buildings. On the plus side, I've always really liked Westin's beds. Unfortunately, it's likely to be a little out of your price range for this weekend.

The Four Seasons and Park Hyatt don't have lake views, but they do both have rooms with views down University Avenue, which could be nice. Four Seasons isn't showing anything directly in your price range, though they do have some packages that include $75 dining credits that would make the price more reasonable. Park Hyatt does have some rooms with King beds in your range.
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If you are open to boutique hotels in awesome neighbourhoods (less view, more super-amazing-charm), I can't recommend The Gladstone Hotel highly enough. It's so fun to stay in. Their rooms are gorgeous, all designed by local artists, and an event in themselves (helloooo, Parlour of Twilight!). If you're going to be "mostly in the room", I can't think of a better place. I mean, I *live* in Toronto, and I make excuses to go stay there. Romance sexy fun times await!
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Response by poster: Ok, I guess this is solved! The general manager of the Cambridge Suites sent me an email, with a small incentive to come back. Since I like to support businesses that have excellent customer service, we'll book there again.
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