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I am an (unlicensed) architect. Friend recently offered me a job as an owner's rep ("Do you want to sub out the expeditor and offer your services, including expediting, as an Owner's rep?") on a small renovation job. (I have the drawings) No contractor or expeditor yet. Asked me for a proposal/fee. I am not familiar with this term/position, responsibilities, duties, time, but know how to put a job together.....want to sound competent while I figure it out. Any advice on putting out some basic questions and eliciting info?
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For clarification, are you asking for information about what being an owner's rep during construction entails?
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Is your friend the owner?
Commercial job? Residential?
How small is "small"?

(these are my questions trying to understand the situation a little better, not questions you should ask your friend :) )
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Is your friend the owner?
Commercial job? Residential?
How small is "small"?

Also, is the architect that drew the plans still involved in the project? Your role as a rep would be slightly different depending on the answers to these questions.
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Response by poster: crankylex- yes
misterbrandt- friend did the design/drwgs; 3rd party signed off for a fee cause friend wasn't licensed in this state; residential renovation approx 6000 sf; will need coop approval; expeditor to handle all approvals/bldg dept.
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Response by poster: and friend will finish drwgs, then needs to pass it on.
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Okay, with no architect or construction manager involved, you would be the go between for the owner and the contractor. After reviewing the plans and specs, you might provide an estimate for the work, and then bid out the work to contractors. You would probably be overseeing the bid process and making suggestions on award.

Depending on how involved the owner is, you may be responsible for contract administration, submittals, change orders, payment reqs, etc.. You might review the GC's proposed schedule. After construction starts, you would do walk-throughs, attend meetings, and report back to owner. At the end you would produce a punch list and oversee closeout.

Again, this all depends on how hand-on (or not!) the owner wants to be and how interested he or she is in a paper trail.
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