Looking for house emptying service
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Looking for New Jersey Estate Cleanout recommendations

My mother passed away a few months back and my siblings and I are selling her house, but there is still a fair amount of junk to clear out. I've found a few places via google, but am looking for specific recommendation for services that will show up with a truck and dispassionately empty the house. Location is near Madison, if that helps.
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Kristin Bergfeld, in NYC. http://www.bergfelds.com/ She is a fine person and very experienced at this.
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Best answer: I spoke to Kristin Bergfeld and her service requires an on-site estimate and since I have to travel 3hrs each way to get to the site, this wasn't acceptable.

I ended up hiring MMS Cleanouts who were willing to estimate based on photos and I'll find out if they're good to their word soon enough.
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