Running in East Williamsburg/Bushwick Brooklyn?
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Running in East Williamsburg/Bushwick Brooklyn?

I'm looking to start running again, but I just moved off the Morgan stop on the L and am unsure of a good route/spot.

I could run at Mccaren, which I may do, any other ideas?
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Hi, I don't have anything to add other than welcome to the neighborhood and good luck trying to find a place to run that isn't covered in broken glass and dog shit :) I have been trying to come up with a solution to the 'where to run' question myself, so I'll be revisiting this thread.
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Up north of the Jefferson stop into Queens is where things get nicer again. So Flushing to St Nicholas, then right, up Troutman and a loop around the cemetery. That was the best route I found. Walk Jog Run may have more.
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If you're going all the way to Jefferson, I believe there's a track at Grover Cleveland HS. Otherwise, yes, McCarran. Personally I find running on-street in industrial parts of Brooklyn to be stimulating, but YMMV.
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How far were you looking to run?
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Run up Morgan Ave to Cooper Park.
Run around Cooper Park as many times as you want to run around it.
Run back home.

I'd suggest something similar for Maria Hernandez Park, but I don't think it has anything like a loop to run around and Cooper Park does.
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