How do you look for an hire a "manny" in Westchester, NY?
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We need a new nanny, and I have two high-energy, high intelligence (G&T) boys. I'm thinking a manny might be the answer, but there are none on the typical sites like sittercity and craigslist. Any suggestions? Things to consider?
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I think a lot of energetic, highly intelligent female nannies would be insulted by your question. You don't present any reason why you want a "manny," other than their gender, activity level, and intelligence.

Have you had gender-specific problems with female nannies in the past? Do your sons lack strong male role models? If not, you're probably unnecessarily narrowing your options.

The best way to get a good nanny is through word of mouth, an agency, or advertising with comparatively high wages. I've seen ads offering $200 a week for full-time childcare. That's $40 a day, $5 an hour if you make the generous assumption that the parent leaves at 9 and is home at 5 on the dot. Don't be that employer.
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Check out local Universities/Colleges, especially Child Development/Education/Recreation departments and job centers. Also if there is a parent group/community center look to see if there are job boards. When I finished working for a family in San Francisco I didn't have to even look for another job, there were two or three families ready to hire from the local mothers group. Talk to as many other parents as you can.

I'm an energetic, educated, female nanny and I'm sad to primarily see other females as caregivers. I think it is great that you want to find a male caregiver! My male classmates in Child Development were few and far between and struggled against the stigma many people place on males in care giving careers. Child cares and preschools NEED more families who WANT men in care giving jobs! I don't think any child can have too many good role models... male or female! With all the discrimination against male childcare workers pushing men out of care jobs, anybody who doesn't discriminate is awesome in my book!
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What is G&T? Gin and Tonic?
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Gifted & Talented.
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The best way to find someone is by word of mouth. Sittercity and Craiglist are fine, I'm sure, but I've never found any jobs that way and no one I know has found nannies that way.

I know a lot of people in this area. If you mefimail me I can try to help you find someone.
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Response by poster: Well, the search continues, but thanks for everyone for all your help. I'm still looking for a competent person of any gender/ethnicity/religion/strong feelings on al dente pasta.
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