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What are some awesome non-clothing gifts for very tall people?

The boyfriend and I are coming up on three great years of dating, and I want to get him something useful yet a little indulgent for our anniversary. He's 6'8" barefoot, and on the thin side (235 lbs). I want to know what little luxuries have made your life as a tall person (or your friend/spouse/partner/whatever's life) a bit better. I'm looking to spend $150 or less, though I would willing to spend a bit more for a great gift. Non-clothing ideas are especially appreciated!
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A gift certificate to a massage therapist. We "tallies" have tight hamstrings and shoulders from trying to hunch over and blend in with you little people.
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Does he have chairs to sit in that are appropriate for his very long legs? Those are good.
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Tall girl here.

I like the same stuff other people like. Including chairs and massages. And clothes.
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Little devices that facilitate stretching exercises, like this thing.
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I one saw a very tall guy wearing a baseball cap that said [ 6'10" ] on it, and I thought to myself, here is a man who is tired of answering the same question from strangers over and over.

I'm not tall enough myself, at a mere 6'4" or so, to get the "how tall are you?" question very much, but at 6'8" I'm guessing your boyfriend does. Maybe a similar hat would be a good humorous adjunct to go with a nicer gift?
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Why does his anniversary present have to be related to his height?
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Plan a trip together somewhere, and put your gift money toward an upgrade to a seat with more leg room.
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KogeLiz - It definitely doesn't, but I wanted to see if there are any awesome ideas/conveniences/comforts -- he tends to like more practical gifts. Finding stuff to supplement his hobbies/interests is a little more googleble so I don't need as much help.
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Honestly, clothes are one of my favorite gifts. I'm "only" 6'5", but "long-bodied"; I hate hate hate shopping, even online, because it's so hard to find shirts. Dress shirts aren't that big a problem, but casual shirts, nice ones, you know, good-quality polos or those silk bowling shirts, are hard to find, expensive, and often both. My wife is willing to slog through the sites, investigate the quality and fit, hit the stores, and spend more than I'm willing to, so I've always been really happy with what she's gotten me. Even silly things like a new pair of size-15 Crocs are awesome.

I've given this some thought, and I really can't think of any tall-guy-specific items I have or would want to have, except something like extra-long ski (or trekking) poles or extension handles for a stroller.
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I just asked a friend who is 6'9". He said, "I like candy." I assume his point was that tall folks are just like us 6'1" not as tall folks. He has young children and when he is around other children their age, he does get asked a lot if he is "a giant" or how tall is he. So maybe the hat idea above would be a cute ad on gift.
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I volunteer at a local vegan restaurant once or twice a week, 2.5 hours, mostly spent chopping vegetables. A very sore low back until one day "Duh" as I looked at the little people chopping *without* having to bend over at that table; I now use a cutting board raised up 8 inches -- no more back pain. If I were ever to build my own home I'd absolutely put in taller kitchen and bathroom cabinets / counter tops. So think anything repetitive that he's involved in using the same height surfaces that others use.

And: Either raise up the mirror in the bath or buy a new, larger one that goes up higher. After spending a large part of my life looking at my chest in mirrors, I can now see my face (admittedly, a frightening experience in the mornings) when shaving or whatever.

Imagine how annoying it is to have the shower stream hit you in your low chest, having to bend over to wash your face and hair -- what a drag! Either hire a plumber to come in and raise it up a foot and/or get one of these contraptions that raises it up for you -- I've done both in my current place. Have this installed (you can pretty much do it yourself if you're at all handy) without telling him, and close the shower drapes, and right after his next shower he will come running and kiss you all over and tell you he loves you, or at least I would. Myself, I prefer one like this rather than one like this, as the first can crank up or down, aim it any old which way you'd like, but any is better than none.

More if I think of them...
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There are really just three categories of "stuff" that are an issue for tall folks: clothes, furniture, and cars.

Clothes are the most obvious and it sounds like you are looking for something different. I will add that Internet has made shopping for tall clothing so much better and that eBay lots have been a lifesaver for me. You can usually find multiple shirts, etc. in a single lot which brings the price down to something between reasonable and a real bargain.

Furniture is also a something where height makes a difference. For $150 you could look into a great office chair or computer desk that fits your BF better.

Finally, this is the biggie but is obviously beyond the scope of your question: cars. 80% of cars out there don't fit well or are not well sized for tall guys. For example, even if there is head room the top of the windshield may be low enough that I have to tilt my head or lean over to see a traffic light.

Beyond those there is not much tall-specific merchandise. There was a magazine for tall people a few years back, but it is now defunct. All that being said, you can never go wrong with a massage.
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Tallguy: "Furniture is also a something where height makes a difference. For $150 you could look into a great office chair or computer desk that fits your BF better."

At one job, I crafted and installed long legs on my desk, and got a chair that cranked up real high, anyone else sat in it they looked like an elf or something but I was able to sit with my feet flat on the floor. But it was a job I knew I was going to be in for a while, and they knew I was going to be in for a while, and if he's in a cube farm, this obviously isn't going to happen, as all the "desktops" are at the same height; maybe for his home desk and chair, if he's got one. My current dining room table -- which I built myself -- is lots higher than a "normal" table, and I've got those tall chairs that are now sortof fashionable, bar height, high enough that even my feet have plenty of dangle room. My couch is way off the floor, too, and it's plenty long enough for me to fall out and snooze on it, should that be called for.

I know you're not interested in the clothing thing, and it is of course quite obvious, and I like what you're doing here. But: It *is* a pain to find clothing that fits, even for me, at 6'5" and thin; I can only imagine what he's got to do to find a dang t-shirt. So if you can find someplace that sells clothes that fit him, maybe a gift certificate, along with the new mirror and shower head extender and long legs on the couch and desk and chair and massage and candy bar and stuff....
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Do you camp? An extra-long sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and a tall tent could be good. (If you camp, they could be useful. If you get fancy ones, they could be indulgent.)
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There are really just three categories of "stuff" that are an issue for tall folks: clothes, furniture, and cars.

Add to this: shoes. I'm 5ft 10 and have UK size 9 feet. My friend, who's about 6ft3, has given up shoe-shopping beyond going up to the counter and saying 'What do you have in a fourteen?'
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Ooh, yes, I have a showerhead extension and tall tent!
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