Calling all generic folder names!
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Web developers: What are good generic/catch-all directory names? I'm doing a migration and I have to dump a bunch of old files and some apps in a directory and I was wondering what people use instead of "misc" "files" "apps" etc.
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archive or media, perhaps?
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Best answer: /css - stylesheets
/js - javascript
/resources - miscellaneous stuff
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Our standard is to use "migrated" for any files brought in from an external location, because we use "archive" for... well, actual archives. Once everything is in the new "migrated" directory, it gets moved bit by bit to the "archives," "content," "apps," or "assets" directories, as appropriate.
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Best answer: I am throwing out a vote for /lastversion or /web-2007-2010. You may have this process again and again, so perhaps /unsorted is not a bad choice as a way to provoke that urge to put these things where they belong, rather then let them rot in a directory that says /yeah-i-should-really-get-around-to-doing-this-but-we-will-probably-just-delete-this-when-we-run-out-of-disk-space.
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I feel that "archive" connotes files that are still of redeeming (if historical) value. If it's just old stuff I can't delete for paranoia-related reasons, I call the folder "old" or possibly "stuff."

But regarding what you should name your folder, it depends on whether you're naming it (a) so that other people can find old things they're looking for or (b) so that you have a generic place to stash old files.
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I use "junK" personally. If you want to be a little more, uh, rigorous, work the date in there, eg "100728_junk" - so that if you ever have a bunch of these and actually need to find something in them, you'll be able to.
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Various Assorted BS
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I stand corrected - the standard I referred to above does use "migrated" but also appends an underscore and a six digit date, _100729. Its been awhile, I'd forgotten that part...
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a friend of mine uses "dump" with subdirectories as appropriate
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I'm kind of surprised that nobody has mentioned version control yet here. It might not be completely appropriate in this situation, but in my line of work, there's never an 'archive' or 'dump' folder anywhere, because either things are managed in Git, which has the ability to stash 'random' changes and efficiently branch if you're working on a different path.

That said, if it's various things that could be used, maybe 'stash'? But the necessity for this seems odd.
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Best answer: I think version control is overkill for some people, tmcw.

Personally, I usually have a few of these folders in a development project, and I prefix them with an underscore, for example


I do this for a few reasons, but mainly because in a directory list, they all appear together at the top, so it's easy to ignore them and they don't get mixed up alongside the usual /images and /css folders.
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I always just use 'old'. It's descriptive enough for my needs!
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/slask - but being Swedish... it means /slush (sleet) as in the soupy snow you get in warm weather. :)
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Seconding version control, but I also came up with "vault" and "closet" over the years.
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Mine is called shrapnel.
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