Help me create an innovate computer music workstation stand
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Calling ingenious diy'ers ergonomic tweakers and musos. Help me create an innovate computer music workstation where things like laptop, touchpad, trackball, music midi controllers are held at different angles and heights.

My workstation will have for example a touchpad or computer keyboard held at an angle so I don't have to pronate my hands so much.

I originally saw it as a central 'trunk' with things coming off it so I could stand up and work. I have also been thinking about basing it around a standing desk from IKEA with things attached.

I can't seem to find anything to make it up with. Something like this laptop performance stand is along the right lines, but it doesn't have additional 'arms' to fix things to where I want them. The main quik-lok system is too heavy duty for what I need, designed to carry heavy rack stuff.

Something like these labaratory stands are along the right lines, but I don't know if they would be secure enough.

If it's a completely different idea but fulfills the function I'd be happy!
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Response by poster: Also, ideas about how to hold and clamp these various things would be great.
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I keep my laptop on a swing arm stand that was designed for a CRT monitor. I made a wooden "cradle" to keep it from sliding off. It works pretty well and was a lot cheaper than a proper laptop arm/mount.
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Lab equipment is not sturdy enough. Check out photography equipment instead. It's designed to hold heavy lights, and it much more finely articulated.

Your best best would probably be to go to a large photography store like Calumet and play around with what they have on display. Here's a category on their website to get you started. I bought this thing to use in a bike repair stand (previous AskMe question) and it works great. Definitely sturdy enough.

You could also just go to a home improvement store and fashion something out of PVC or steel pipe angle joints.

It's going to be a tradeoff between price, adjustability, and sturdiness, unfortunately. Pick two of the three.
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maybe this?

kinda pricey

as for doing it yourself - this company has a bunch of parts/sets
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I've been toying with the idea of re-purposing a drum cage, for exactly the reasons you list. Drum hardware is expensive, but extensive.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. They're all useful. I'll have to have a think. I love the aluminium pole workstation, but yeh, pricey!

lekvar, I've looked into drum hardware. It's almost perfect, but it's very heavy and expensive.
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Probably not what you're looking for, structure-wise, but I thought this was pretty clever for setting up a more ergonomic workstation.
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Response by poster: Yeh. The Ikea laptop desks look useful as well.
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