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Best email and task management to communicate and track medication schedule of elderly mother.

I would like to use gmail and google tasks to communicate and track medication schedules with my elderly mother when I'm away. Are these the best two options available? It appears that google task does not include an alarm. Am I correct? Also, is there a way of making gmail more user friendly for my mother? Any other suggestions regarding the effective use of the computer to help keep in contact and tract my mother's medication use would be appreciated.
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What exactly do you want to happen? An alarm go off when Mom needs to take her meds? Do you want her to email you after she takes her meds?
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There is a medication reminder service at I'd suggest it if you're concerned your mother won't be at the computer to receive her alarm; you can setup the service to call or SMS her.
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Response by poster: I would like an alarm to go off for medications, yes. I'm looking for task management software we would be have access, so I would be able to verify she had taken the meds.

I will check out the
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