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Although I am a grizzled old creature, I wish to go rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and I would like to know if anyone has a recommendation of a river rafting tour company that they have found to be particular good or particularly bad.
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I've not been on the river, but my uncle did a trip in his mid fifties with some retirees from the neighborhood. I put in a call with him and will respond later with his recommendation.
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My husband and his father went a few summers ago and had a good experience with Western River Expeditions.
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Rick Steves just did a show about river rafting! Here's the link to the archived show for that day. There is a link to the 16 outfitters that operate on the Colorado.
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Best answer: I've done two trips with Outdoors Unlimited and both were superb.
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Can't speak to current companies - we went more than 25 years ago but will say that I think you'l have a better experience on a non-motorized trip - they go slower, are quieter and often smaller groups, geared more towards hiking side trips. When we went my in-laws were in their early 70's and did fine as did our 6 year old nephew. It was a fabulous trip with a company that I'm told is now defunct.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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You should get the longest trip that you can afford for the most number of days. You can zip down the Canyon in 5 days on a motorized rig, but you won't really see the real thing. There is some nice whitewater but that isn't the most essential part of a trip. The rapids last for about 60 seconds and then there are mile long stretches of flat water. The best part of the Canyon are the hikes and side trips up slot canyons, water falls and Indian ruins. You can't see that on a rushed motorized trip. Look for a trip that allows lots of time for hiking.
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