What is this old flash cartoon about a spy/detective?
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Looking for an old, old flash cartoon.

There was a website back in the early '00s with the word "Brain" in its title somewhere, and it hosted 6 or 8 flash cartoon series. One of them I clearly remember was a version of Dante's Inferno with a pig as the narrator/traveler.

What I'm looking for is another cartoon hosted on that site that featured a spy and/or private detective who looked a bit like the main character from the Neverhood: cylindrical head, one long thick lock of hair sticking up, yellowish-green trench coat.

The thing I remember most vividly about this series is a fight in episode 5 or 6 against a femme fatale character on a rooftop: both the protagonist and the femme fatale used two handguns each, and ran between chimneys shooting at each other while counting to six over and over. It was probably a completely throw-away detail in the writing, but it just oozed Cool, and has stuck with me ever since.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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The only site I can think of with both flash cartoons and "brain" in the title is threebrain.com, which is now gonads and strife. The series you're recalling does not sound at all familiar to me, though, so I am probably totally wrong.
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I think it was called "Kozik's Inferno." As in Frank Kozik.
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Whoops, didn't read far enough. I don't remember the name of that one off the top of my head, but googling Kozik's Inferno has a result from Wild Brain, so that might help.
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Joe Paradise.
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This guy has a lot of the episodes.
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Holy crap I love you Metafilter! And especially RobotHero and gubo! You are truly my Robot Heroes (and gubos?)!
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Oh, man, seriously, I just watched a few episodes. This makes my week.
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