Please help! I can't MMS a picture from my Blackberry
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How do I unlock pictures on my blackberry curve?

I took an awesome picture the other day, but when I went to MMS the picture to my friend, there was a lock emblem on the top right of the picture. The file name is also different than the others: "img072410.jpg.rem" None of my other pics have the .rem at the end of the file name. Also, it seems some feature "forward lock" is enabled. I don't know when I enabled it (since pictures after that one are not locked) and no clue how to disable it.
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You should change the SD card settings. It's late and my BB is in the other room, but I believe it's in the media card settings for the card somewhere to encrypt the files. It's a security feature that most people turn off unless your organization forces the setting to on.
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