Las Vegas show tickets - where to get the best discounts?
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What's the best way to save money on tickets to Las Vegas shows? Discount ticket websites, physical shops that sell tickets to many venues, going early to the venue in question, or something else? Details inside.

Asking for my wife who is going for a friend from this Saturday through the following Friday. They're looking at some big-name shows and Cirque du Soleil shows, some of which sell for over $200. I've found websites, but I'm not sure if it's best to buy them now, or wait until the night of the show to get tickets. Or is Craigslist reliable at all there? It seems like it might be a terrible idea, but I just thought I'd ask.

Bonus question: are there any shows, sights, or restaurants they shouldn't miss? They're thinking about enjoying the Big Name Chef restaurants (blanking on names) and cutting back on the shows, once they saw the ticket prices.
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Response by poster: There are some interesting prior questions, but nothing on discount tickets. This thread addresses restaurants, and this thread on inexpensive events for minors has some interesting suggestions for all ages. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Tix4Tonight booth! You can get discounted tickets to a number of things (some stuff is not availabe). We saw The Price Is Right stage show at a discounted rate.

Another way to get free tickets is go to a timeshare presentation. We did, and got to see "Phantom" for free. Now, of course, we were lucky to get a very hands-off salesperson; had we been with someone high-pressure, it could've been a very unpleasant time.
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Seconding the timeshare presentation. We got free tickets to Stomp that way, and it wasn't too painful to sit through.
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And as regards show selection, Wayne Brady's improv show is absolutely hilarious if that's your thing. Expensive, but worth every penny.
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Sadly, many of the famous bargains of the 90's have evaporated with the deteriorating economy. It used to be that all you had to do was walk into a casino and maybe join the player's club to get a coupon book with $100+ of truly useful discounts, even up to free rooms at some of the off-strip places. Some of the coupon books are still there but their contents have gone more to 15% off the buffet (which is now $27 instead of $8).

Sadly, the timeshare presentation is probably the best remaining chance to see a big show cheap.
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Check the forum for Las Vegas. There is a lot of good advice. I picked up tickets for Love last visit for half price.

Also agree with the Tix4Tonight booth. I go there at least once per trip, usually several times. All the booths have the same tickets available generally at half price. They probably won't have many Cirque shows, but they do have a very good selection of some pretty popular shows.
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Best answer: Where are you staying? And is anyone in your party a gambler/card player? I found after a few repeat visits to the same hotel, email offers from that chain came with discounts for restaurants & shows. And for the gaming folks, sometimes good offers come that way too.
In May, a call to the concierge got us tickets to the Cirque show in the hotel and that discount was the same we were seeing advertised on some "discount sites".
Las Vegas Advisor also has some good tips on discounts.
My favorite restaurant in Vegas is Rosemary's (very off strip, but Wednesday night is Ladies' night so discounts for ladies/groups of ladies) but for steak I like Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay (Michael Mina). I love, love, love Vegas so feel free to memail if you want more recs.
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Best answer: The OpenVegas forums might have some useful info.
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If you don't mind an expensive dinner for two, Pamplemousse is a pretty great experience - and the food was great.

Capo's has a cool atmosphere, but the food has gone a bit downhill over the past couple years.

FireFly is fun if you're in the mood for Sangria. Their sangria is pretty good.

And the recommendation for Rosemary's above is a good one.
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Also - Hash House A Go-Go is like a version of Claim Jumper's that doesn't suck.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions!

The Las Vegas forum on isn't the easiest thing to find, but it looks like there might be some gems if I dig around.
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Response by poster: Also: no plans on being repeat visitors to any hotels, and I think my wife will actually be staying with her friend while out there, so the "keep you gambling" incentives are out.
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