How do I synch Audio in an .AVI?
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I've got an .avi file whose audio has come unstuck in time. Is there some easy Mac OS X solution to re-sync this audio? Basically, is there any software out there that will let me take apart the file, and then glue it back together with the audio two seconds later?
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I would love an answer to this for PC users as well.
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 12:23 PM on March 8, 2005

In VLC Player you can set a time in milliseconds to offset the audio from the video.

This only helps you with playback; it doesn't actually change the physical file. But it will at least make the file watchable.
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As always, mencoder does the trick, with the -delay option. MPlayer/mencoder runs on pretty much anything these days, no?
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How would I do this in VLC? Do I need to use the console?

Please help, text commands scare me.
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For PinkStainlessTail, I've done this on a PC with virtualdub, instructions here.

For VLC in Windows (probably same on MAC as it's the same codebase), Settings->Preferences. Tick "Advanced options" in the bottom right, change "audio desynchronization compensation" under Audio.
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