Where can I park overnight in Baltimore for cheap?
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Overnight parking garage. Baltimore Inner Harbor. Cheap. Any recommendations? (willing to ride a bus!)

I'm going to an anime convention this weekend in Baltimore, and my gracious, tender hotel asks just $29 per night of parking. I'll be there Thursday through Sunday, and would gladly ride a bus for 10~20 minutes if it could save me some dough. I'm pretty sure the city lots nearby are either $20 or $25 per 24 hours, so I'm trying to beat that.
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Best answer: BWI's long-term parking is 8 bucks a night. Looks like you can then take the light rail down to a stop in front of Camden Yards or near the convention center.
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Best answer: You could also park in the light rail lot itself for free and take the train into the city.
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(BTW, that would be the BWI Business light rail stop with the free parking, not the BWI Airport stop. Alternately, there are parking lots at Mt. Washington and Hunt Valley light rail stops as well which are pretty safe.)
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Best answer: Definitely park at a light rail or subway station outside of downtown and then ride in. It'll make things much easier. And have fun at Otakon!
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Park at Penn Station (Amtrak stops here), and pay $12 per 24 hours. Take the bus down St. Paul Street, or walk, to Otakon. It's maybe a mile. See www.mtamaryland.com for info on buses and light rail if you need it.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I am going to park at the Patapsco lot, a light rail station about 10 minutes from the Convention center. I called the MTA's number and spoke with someone. She kindly took down my car's info and will give it to the parking lot supervisor so they know it's not abandoned. Hooray free!
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Response by poster: Oh, and for future readers, this link was useful:
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