Upbeat playlist for a cool executive crowd
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Help me build a cool, upbeat playlist for a business event.

I've been tasked with coming up with a playlist of songs to play in-between sessions at a professional summit. The audience consists of c-level executives in a cool industry (retail/merchandising/branding/etc.), so the average age will be mid-30s through 50s. The tone should be fun, exciting, upbeat - kinda like what you might hear in an H&M store, but maybe a bit more mature.

The two songs that perfectly typify the mood I'm shooting for are "Dilly" and "Laredo" from the new Band of Horses CD. Nothing too distorted or heavy, and definitely no profanity. The kinda stuff that you can have a conversation in the same room as, but every now and then you might perk up your ears and say, "wow, this event has really cool, different background music." David Gray is a good reference point, too.

Can you help me choose more? Probably need 4-5 hours of music total, as it will play in 20-minute chunks between sessions. Thanks!
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I'm lazy, but I'd set up a Pandora paid account, make a Band of Horses station and slowly thumbs down and add songs that you like.

Beyond that, I'd say add some Phoenix.
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Several tracks off the new Crowded House album would fit the bill, e.g., Twice If You're Lucky.
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Upbeat, mature, and with recognizable singers: Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, "This Is Us."
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franz ferdinand, killers, walking on a dream by empire of the sun
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International Observer for awesome instrumentals.
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I hate hearing songs that are super familiar. It makes the event less cool.

I'd look at the playlists from Morning Becomes Elecetic. It is a good mix of adult music that is a little edgy.

Again, I'd build a Pandora station based on Band of Horse, add Phoenix and LCD Soundsystem and "add variety" with songs from MBE that you like.
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langhorne slim(first album), deer tick (first album), Paolo Nutini, scissor sisters, modest mouse, postal service, bright eyes, airborne toxic event, weezer, postal service
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I've yet to find somone who doesn't like The New Pornographers.

Additionally, you'd need to give it a listen to check for profanity, but this Stomp Clap Stomp Clap mix from Heather Browne's "I Am Fuel You Are Friends" blog seems like it might have the sort of feel you're going for. She has AMAZING taste in music - I haven't listened to the summer mix yet, but I'm about to.
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Vampire weekend not featured on a soundtrack.
arcade fire
silversun pickups
kings of leon - not use somebody
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Chrissy Murderbot has a years worth of mixes on her blog. Mostly clubby dance stuff, and some with LOTS of profanity (pretty easy to spot though). Could be an easy go to for some upbeat party music
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