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Looking for an iPhone 4 case..I need your help!

I just received my iPhone 4 yesterday, and was waiting to see how long it would take to get my free case. Since it is going to be another month or two, I am going to go ahead and buy a case now. I want something that is protective, with no front flap.

I was in love with my 3G iPhone case The Capsule Rebel. I'm a little concerned because their NUDE case for the iPhone 4 looks as though it does not wrap around the edges of the front. Please give me your suggestions for a great new iPhone 4 case.
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Grove's cases look pretty neat, though I believe there's a long wait these days.

For sheer protection, the usual name you hear is Otterbox.
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It's not exactly a case, but I do love my GelaSkins! I had one on my 3G that lasted a year and a half and was taken off and reapplied at least three times. I got my skin for the iPhone 4 last week and plan on keeping it as close to forever as I can :)
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I have an Otterbox commuter for my 3GS, but my friend says that her iPhone 4 Otterbox is just as good. The Defender can be a bit ridiculous, but the others aren't that fat.
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If it helps, I ordered my free case on 7/23, and it shipped on 7/26. The tracking number isn't in the system yet, so I don't know about the DELIVERY date, but shipping was well in advance of what I expected.
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I have a Switcheasy NUDE case for my iPhone 4, and it does not wrap around the front or protrude beyond it. Just for information's sake...
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@flexiblefine Do you like the NUDE case? Do you feel like it is protected?

I love the Grove cases, but they are quite expensive. Still very cool. Thanks for the answers thus far, keep them coming!
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FWIW, you could just get insurance for the thing and go case-less until you can get the bumper (which is so minimal that it doesn't make the phone feel like a brick).

State Farm charges me $40/year (personal articles policy) and there's no deductible. They cover any damage (drops, loss, theft, etc) and in my experience will even shell out for a replacement if there's purely cosmetic issues have affected the resale value of an item.

$80 over a 2 year plan to literally not give a crap about whether your phone lives or dies is cheap.
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@pjaust. Last time I adding something to my personal articles policy, they mentioned that they no longer cover cellphones. Did you recently add your iPhone4?
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pjaust - I didn't know that. I will have to talk to my agent. It's certainly cheaper than Applecare.

I did order one of the free bumpers (really, Apple? Black only? What are you, Henry Ford?) but haven't bothered to really look into any kind of case at all yet, or screen protector, etc. - nor do I really think I want to. Paying $40 a year to keep it pretty just in case seems like a good thing.
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I do a combined protection system on my iPhone. I keep it in a leather case on my hip (yes, it is uncool but I prefer longer battery life than looking cool anymore) and then I also use a Zagg Invisibleshield on the iPhone itself.

Best thing about the Zagg is that it is almost like not having a case at all. It protects against scratches extremely well and also adds some friction to the glass back so it doesn't slide away so easily. Plus, it fixes the antenna issue if you get the full body cover.

It isn't easy to put on and will try your patience but it is well worth the time and effort. I had one on my old 2G and the thing still looks brand new (rest assured that I used the bleep out of that 2G).
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Last I checked, Gumdrop, Hard Candy and Speck all had cases available.

Incase will apparently have them soon.

I've never used any of these brands, though some of my pals w/older iPhones love the Incase stuff.
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I loved this chocolate bar case that I used with my old iPhone (since stolen, sadly). It might well work for the new one. I loved it because it looked very realistic and protected my phone nicely when my toddlers would drop it.
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