I need a Mac OS X 10.3.x driver for my HP ScanJet 5300c
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I really like this scanner and it works fine under Windows and Mac OS 10.1 BUT for some reason HP decided not to update the driver for OS 10.3 so I am stuck with a scanner I like but can't use. Help a brother out?

Also, has anybody successfully used this SANE Driver thingy? How does it work? Is it easy for a moron like me to use?
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Have you tried Hamrick Vuescan? This software does a great job of scanning for all kinds of "obsolete" flatbed and slide scanner models that the original vendor no longer supports. Your ScanJet 5300c is in the list of supported scanners.
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Response by poster: I think you have to pay to use this program, right?
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Correct, but it will solve your problem
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Have you tried using "Image Capture" (the included Mac OSX utility)? It works with my old Epson scanner, also without a OSX driver...
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Definitely get VueScan. I paid for it three or four years ago and have never regretted it. Works with any scanner I throw at it; I dont even install the "factory included" software anymore.

I've used it with a HP 5300C, a 7500C, and currently with a Canon LiDE USB-powered scanner.
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Are you sure you're using the most up-to-date version of HP's software? According to the listing on MacUpdate, the software was updated in July, 2004 which was long after 10.3 was updated.

(Admittedly, it does have terrible reviews and seems to be an awful driver, but just wanted to make sure you've hit all the options!)

I recommend VueScan, too--it works perfectly and doesn't spew installer junk all over your computer. Why "normal" scanner drivers can't work the same way is beyond me.
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Best answer: I had the same exact scanner and ended up giving it to my sister to use under Windows. While I'm certain that VueScan would work I decided the money would be better spent toward a digital camera...

I tried all of the various free HP drivers that were available up until about late September of 2004 to no avail. I figured at that point if the official ones hadn't supported it yet they never would. Hopefully that saves you some time.
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Best answer: I've got to add that I'll never buy HP stuff again -- sorry, not a help to you, but maybe save someone else some pain. In my experience HP quality is in the pits. Things work well for a little while but plunge into planned obsolesence really fast.
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Response by poster: um... VUESCAN is 90 freaking bucks, I could buy a NEW scanner for that price. Not a good deal I think. Thanks for the help.
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Don't give up yet. If the scanner is supported by SANE, try out TWAIN SANE. It's sort of hard to understand as it comes from the Linux world, but with perseverance it can get just about any scanner working under OSX.
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Oh, I didn't see your More Inside mention of SANE, so you already kind of know about it. You're on the right track. I haven't actually ever set it up; if I actually hae, I'd be able to step you through it.
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