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Is there a service that will for a fee, pull up your entire arrest history and speeding tickets history or any other background info? I need one that pull the most comprehensive history for someones past. Thanks in advance.
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It might help you get useful responses if you said why you need this information.
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How soon do you need it, and how much are you willing to spend?
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I remember when my father thought my mother was cheating on him, he paid $800 for a private invistigator - who in return, gave him pretty much any information about the guy in question.
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Where do you live?

In Massachusetts the information you want is contained in something called a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information).

Access to CORI information is restricted to people who have a specific professional need for it, such as day care providers. Also, CORI info is notoriously inaccurate and misleading. So at least in Mass, take it with a big grain of salt.
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OP is in Sachse, Tx.
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Response by poster: Looking into getting hired on in Tx for a fire department....Well i need to have details for when i was arrested when and for every speeding ticket.
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Intellicorp, you will need to get a release.
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Sorry, didn't catch that this is for you. You can sign your own release!
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There are dozens of reputable providers who will run a background check on you for $25-50 depending on how thorough a search you want to do.

My company has a relationship with Safe Hiring Solutions, who seem to do a decent job, but there are dozens of other providers who will do just fine. Google "background check".
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Can't you just contact the DMV?

Says Sachse is part of two counties.

and also here:

and Texas court state search:

If you have moved, some cities have similiar pages like this depending on privacy laws of your state.
Otherwise I would just use a service like US Search
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Sorry I didn't hyperlink those
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Response by poster: Thanks....Out of the ones mentioned so far which one is the best & most thorough?

Safe Hiring Solutions
US search


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Is the onus on you to do your own records search? Usually you just sign a release and the hiring agency does its own legwork. Couldn't tell you which records search is the best choice, though, sorry.
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They'll all do a comparable job. Most will actually tell you exactly what databases they search at what prices levels, so you can choose the one which best fits your needs.
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Asciident, I believe the poster is trying to ensure that he/she has his/her own record correct for purposes of disclosure before the hiring agency does their own search.
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