Need more songs like Rad Moves!
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What non-kid music inspired this Backyardigans song?

I've been listening to the song "Rad Moves" by the Backyardigans with my three-year-old, and it's really grown on me. Given the surf theme of the episode it appeared in, I tried to find some sax-heavy surf rock. It's not the same. So, does anyone know the specific genre of this song, and what bands inspired it? Or is this just highly original and awesome?
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I have an album called African Ambience - The Ultimate African Dance Party and this has similar beats and feeling to that. You can listen to samples and see what you think.
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Sounds a lot like the Meters, although I don't think it's them on that track. Try this and this as indicative of the Meters' sound.
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Fela Kuti
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(The genre is Afrobeat)
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Best answer: Oh, and they're ripping off Army Arrangement specifically.
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If I was ripping off 'Army Arrangement' for a kids show, I'd be sure to use the slightly dancier Bill Laswell edit (Celluloid 6109), with the added keyboard overdubs and stuff.
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Best answer: You may find this helpful.

Says the style is Afrobeat.
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Here's a little Backyardigans trivia - the composer for most of the songs is Evan Lurie, brother to John Lurie (jazz musician and sometime fisherman). Also many of the musicians are NYC jazz musicians, a couple of who played on some Tom waits albums. Evan Lurie also composed the music for Oswald. I have to say I love the Backyardigans for exposing kids to all different kinds of music!
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I did a couple of storyboard for that show. I liked the way the music and the story were just mashed together. For example, the cowboy story had a bollywood soundtrack.
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