Should I get an arrest without charges expunged?
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Will an arrest and detention without charges turn up in a records search in California?

I was arrested and detained for being drunk and disorderly but not charged. Should I get the arrest expunged? Do I need a lawyer to get it expunged or can I just submit the police report along with form BCII 8270? Thanks for any advice.
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I was an HR director in california, and used intellius to get crim records from all 50 states for applicants. If you don't have a warrant out, or a conviction RECORD, it won't show up there.

You made no mention of whether you wanted to know about livescan, security clearance, employment checking or I gave you the only answer I could.
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The arrest should not show up on any background check unless the check is done by law enforcement.

As far as I know, you don't need a lawyer for a routine expungement, you can get the forms from the Clerk of the Court. I don't think this is relevant, though- expungements only apply to convictions, so the court may not have a record of it. In that case, you're in the clear.
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Let's assume the worst with regards to any records search. I would get the record expunged sooner than later, just to be on the cautious side of things, but I don't know if you can or if it should be so my advice isn't very helpful. I'd contact a lawyer.
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I worked for a news agency and we had access to county jail records. if you were detained you were listed there. I found a friend in there and he went nuts when I told him I found that. He was told no one would ever know since he was released and not charged.

So if there are lockup records, see if you can get that expunged.
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I work for law enforcemet. When I run a standard criminal history, I don't see arrests. This is in Colorado, for what it's worth.
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