Cash for used electronics?
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Experiences with Gazelle, NextWorth, or other cash-for-electronics programs?

I have a box of old cell phones, iPods, etc., and I recently learned that I can send them off and get money back, which would be awesome. The two sites I've seen are Gazelle and NextWorth. I'm interested to know if anyone has used these companies and whether you would recommend them to me! Thanks!!
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I sent a few cell phones to Gazelle, back when they were called "Second Rotation" or something like that. I mailed the phones, they mailed me money. It worked out well for all involved.
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I tried getting a price quote. They literally want it for free. No thanks.
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I used a couple times and they were legit, no idea how their pricing compares though.
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I had a great experience with
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I've sold to gazelle twice with no probs.
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I sold my iPhone 3G to Gazelle. They had no trouble getting the prepaid box to me the very next day, but it was a week after I mailed the box back before they acknowledged receiving it, then a further week after that before they mailed the check, and yet another week beyond that before I received the check. But they did pay me what they said they would. The whole process took slightly more than a month. I would probably do it again.
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I've used Gazelle 3 or 4 times and I've been pleased with it every time.
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Had a great transaction with NextWorth a couple of weeks ago: sold my iPhone 3GS for a good price... took me longer to send it to them than it took them to evaluate it and give me my money in my PayPal account. They had the best website and biggest offering price of the sites I looked at.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Looks like I should just go with the highest bidder since there are several reputable companies. Merci!
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