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World of Warcraft-filter: what would be a good gift for a WoW-obsessed friend in Europe (I'm in the US)? I don't know much beyond the fact that he's been playing it for the past five years and has recently bought a new keyboard for it. I want it to be a surprise so can't really ask him what he already has. Are there any fun T-shirts out there, perhaps? Thanks!
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Fun T-shirts:
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Best answer: The only thing I wanted when I played WoW was a mount, but after five years he probably has one by now, huh?

I got my nephew a pair of these hats. They were a hit.
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If he doesn't have a great mouse, that's always a nice gift- the weighted gaming mice can make a world of difference. Jinx has some great stuff, and there are some new shirts that can have character names on them.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick answers!

Some1, can you explain the reference to a non-gamer?

Zophi, this sounds like a good idea. Is there a specific mouse that you could recommend?
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I suggest a Murloco's Tacos tee shirt from Jinx.
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Response by poster: Looks very funny, fifilaru (not that I'd know).

Zophi, sorry for my ignorance, but if he has the keyboard, does he still have a use for the mouse?
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Dragoness, the hat is a reference to quest (task) givers, which have yellow exclamation points over their heads in the game.
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Ah, the hats: if an in-game character has a quest for you they have a yellow ! over their head. When you finish the quest, they have a yellow ? over their head. It is so ubiquitous in the game that the hats are funny the real world.

As for murlocs, see this video.

You can also get him an in-game pet or mount (for $$) from Blizzard.

And then there are figureprints. You need to know his realm and character name.
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Best answer: Your keyboard and your mouse are both important for gaming. This mouse is a great one. There is an actual "World of Warcraft" mouse, but it is more expensive and doesn't review nearly as well.

It's tricky with the surprise bit, because not knowing what your friend's setup is, it's hard to say if that would be a great gift, or if the Murloco's Tacos t-shirt wouldn't be better.
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Because you aren't sure what he already has, I'd go with one of the Jinx shirts. I browsed through and saw a few that were pretty cool, and this was my favorite.
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For usefulness, a pre-paid game cards. For pure silliness, a talking murloc plush toy!
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Best answer: Etsy has some World of Warcraft items, though many would depend on which faction your friend aligns with.

The murlock pillow, the bottle of Horde stars, or a hearthstone keychain would all be nice quality items for a WoW player.
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To second what Zophi said, ignore the WoW-branded SteelSeries mouse, it's bloody awful. The Creative WoW headphones are similarly bad, and very very overpriced.

However, I've just started using a mouse mat again and it makes gaming just that little bit more comfortable. There are WoW-branded ones out there.
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Best answer: Are you crafty enough to make these? Because hearthstone pillows are completely awesome.

See also on Etsy, if you are not so crafty and prefer someone else to make it for you.
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It's my job to suggest WoW action figures.
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Response by poster: Lots of fun stuff here, thanks so much! I will try to find out a bit more about his character because the T-shirts and action figures are rather specific I see. Failing that, the mouse and hats seem like a good pick. I really love the hearthstone pillows too, but don't have the time to make them, so might consider Etsy (the ones in the first link are way nicer!).
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I play World of Warcraft. I have not yet purchased myself the Celestial Steed mount or the Gryphon and Wind Rider plushies that come with in-game minipets. There's also the Lil X.T. in-game minipet, which is still on the EU store site, but I don't see on the US one. Personally, I already have the Lil K.T. and Pandaren in-game minipets, but maybe your friend doesn't.

I would be thrilled to get any of those as a gift; maybe your friend would, too?

Here's the link to the EU site, too, in case it would be better to order from that.
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I play WoW. I got this talking murloc plushie for Christmas a few years ago and adore it. It's the kind of thing that probably won't make much sense to someone who hasn't played, but anyone who has knows the terror of the mrrrgggrrrrggglll.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting him the hearthstone pillow and new mouse (G500). Both were a hit, thanks so much for the suggestions!
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