Getting the latest iPod photo?
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I'm going to buy the 60gig iPod photo tomorrow. How can I ensure that I get the latest model with the better battery life?

I'm aware that after last months announcement regarding the product line, the battery life on the photo was upped by several hours. However since I can't see the 60 gig version being as popular as the others, there could be a case where the London Apple store has a mixture of old and new.

Therefore, is there anything (ideally) on the box or inside that can alert me if I have managed to get myself one of the older models?
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Best answer: The change in battery life only affected the iPod mini, not the photo. The new models come without a dock or video cables though, so ask if they have any of the older ones left.
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I think the 60gb iPod Photos were introduced after the 4g, which had the improved battery life. (approx. 12hrs), so you should be fine.

cillit bang is correct, the most recent battery noise only impacts the mini, so fyi.
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The battery life on the iPod photo has always been 15 hours max, whether you get the old one or the new one.

In this case, you may actually want to get the old one if the store you go to still has any hanging around. It will sell for $479 US as opposed to $449, but it will come with a dock, a case, and the AV cable, which the new, cheaper one does not. The iPod itself will be identical.

For reference's sake, the old iPod photo came in a cube-shaped white box, and the new one comes in a slightly slimmer black box.
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Best answer: I was in the London apple store the other day. The ipods behind the counter are new iPods. There is a table beside the staircase with old iPods on special offer, that's the only place they are.
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