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Will Dr. Marten 20 eye (IB60) fit my, ahem, athletic 18" calves?

I'm interested in buying these boots
to wear with dresses and skirts and slim jeans in the fall, but I worry they won't be able to accommodate my ample calves, which are 18" at their maximum and taper to a more large-side-of-average ankle.

Do any of you have experience with this model? If you don't think they would work, do you have any recommendations for a similar boot that would (ideally lace-up, but not necessarily)?

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Response by poster: Link fail. These are the boots I am interested in buying
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Zappos says it's got a 14" circumference. That's unlikely to work for you-- however, Zappos apparently measures this sort of thing, so I'd probably start with them. They are known to have a lenient return policy that encourages window-shopping behaviors, so you could just get a couple pairs of boots in the target circumference and try them out.
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Response by poster: Fairytale,

I also saw that listing on Zappos. But since the boots are lace-up it seems they might be a bit more forgiving... I have no way of knowing if they were measuring laced tightly or loosely, etc.

That's a good idea though about ordering several pairs. Thanks!
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I've got them exact boots in black. They aren't very forgiving on the calves and the tongues aren't all that wide to make up for it.
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I just measured my calves, they're under 16 inches and although I can fasten them now with an inch gap, 18 would be pushing it so I'd find a good returns policy. I find them really loose on the ankles compared to my shorter docs if that's useful to you.
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Zappos has an absolutely insane refund/return policy if you want to try them and see for yourself how they work out.
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I've got huge calves (19") and even shorter Docs (more than 8 holes) won't fit me. Yes, you can loosen the laces, but it looks weird when the front opening is wider than the tongue.

Having said that, you can't beat free shipping and returns if you want to give it a shot.
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I've got 'em in black, 16"-ish calves... no gap when I'm skinnier, big silly gap when I'm a bit chunkier. And no give whatsoever, once they're broken in. If you wore black tights or knee-highs underneath, though, they would look okay.
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Back when I was bicycling a lot I had to give up on straight legged jeans, so I feel your pain here.

I'm going to say that those boots would probably not work for you. But.... If you have your heart set on those boots, it would probably not be hard to find someone who could cut out the narrow vertical strip of leather that joins the two haves of the boot shaft, rework the lining and add a wider piece of leather.

The thing is, I'm not so sure how much that would cost and having made a pair of thigh high boots (the three magi are like the GQ of the high middle ages) I can say that this is not something you want to run out, buy a triangular needle, and just try yourself without working your way up to it. I'd shop the idea around at some shoe repair places and see who looks at you like your nuts before I even bothered ordering the boots.

Finally, there is a lot to be said for bespoke shoes and clothing, but it costs a lot more.

Before you go to that level, my wife suggests looking some of the Harley Davidson boots. They are wider in the calves.
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As an ample, bike riding gal myself - they probably wouldn't work.

You might want to look at the tall Fluevog boots. I have a pair, and they are far more comfy than Docs (I recently sold my 16 hole - not comfy at all) and look cooler, IMO.

That said, I have a pair of 8 hoe, and I ive in them all winter, so YMMV.
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Yeah, I have a white pair like that and they're extremely stiff and unforgiving. nthing that they probably won't work.
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BTW, the only boots I've ever had luck with are Duo boots from the UK. Pricey, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the imput, guys!
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Response by poster: *AHEM* input
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