Who's gotten "out" the most?
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Which major league baseball player has recorded the most outs?

I've been mulling this over in my head and I'm not even sure its possible to answer. Definitely not possible to answer with 100% accuracy given the lack of reliable or deep data from the earlier days of professional baseball.

But, here's the two part question: Which player in MLB has had his at-bats result in more outs than any other player? And the other side, which defensive player has recorded the most outs?

Anyone have any idea on how this could be answered?
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Outs made: Pete Rose (10,328)

Put outs: Jake Beckley (25,720)
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(Eddie Murray has the record for put outs made exclusively in the modern era with 21,264). Note that most of those fielders are first basemen since they get credit for the majority of infield ground ball outs. Rabbit Maranville (8,967) and Ozzie Smith (8,375) lead for assists (i.e. they threw the runner out). Note most leaders for that category are middle infielders.
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And also note that the top 10 for most outs made are the same top 10 in career at bats, with Pete Rose leading both and only minor differences in rank below him.
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Very cool! Thanks for the quick response and extra info, one_bean! I will, quite truthfully, sleep better tonight now that I have an answer!
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