Recomendation for a durable, simple learning remote control
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I'm looking for a straightforward (to use) learning remote control. Needs to control digibox and tv on/off. I don't want to have to press different buttons to control the different things. It would also be good to just have a few buttons (0-9; vol; ch+/-; power) rather than the multitude of options most seem to have.

I'm the UK where we're all switching to digital TV, so my gran will need a digibox (which we've not got yet) connected to her tv. I don't want there to be too much change from how she currently watches tv. So just the basic controls for the digibox and tv power would suit her. Something that wouldn't be damaged too easily (being sat on or dropped) would be good.
Any digiboxes with the tv on/off button on it's remote might be worth me looking at too.

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Get a basic Harmony remote like the 525. Yes, they have a lot of functions, but you don't need to use them.

1. Plug it in and set up your TV and digibox.

2. Create an activity called 'Watch telly' and custom edit the buttons so that the power button switches the TV and digibox on/off and switches the TV to the correct input, the channel buttons make the digibox change channels and the volume buttons affect the TV.

When she picks up the remote it'll ask her to select an activity - there's only one, so it's one button press - 'Watch telly'. Everything will power on. After that, all she needs to do is use the volume / channel buttons. Hit the power button and everything will switch off.

Ours survives being thrown, dropped, drooled over and occasionally being rescued from the bin, so should be able to stand up to anything your gran can do.
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2nding. Harmony remotes are the easiest to use I've ever found. They are different than the usual learning remote, and that's a good thing. Mine's about 3 years old and is starting to go but I'll be buying another Harmony to replace it.
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