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Sync me up! Anyone out there in hive land managed to sync a Nokia 3110c calendar and tasks to a Linux desktop?

I've tried msync to Evolution and to Thuderbird/Lightning (using bluetooth). Evolution seems to freeze and get stuck part way through (even with Note syncing disabled - a seemingly know problem), or only sync a partial list of Tasks. Thunderbird/Lightning syncs the calendar fine, but no tasks. Has anybody managed to get this working? What tools did you use? What's the state of the art in mobile syncing in Linux?
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Google Sync does sync a handset to Google. If it's using the right operating system.
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Have you tried Gnokii? I'm pretty sure it's the one that works with feature phones. It's been ages since I've used it, though.

Alternatively, you could sync to Nokia's Ovi service with the phone and sync Evolution or Thunderbird to Ovi also.
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For SyncML phones, which the Nokia 3110c is, I've had good results with Funambol and somewhat less stellar results with SyncEvolution.
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