Make our lobby music less boring
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I'm making a playlist to play in the lobby of a resort I work for, and I need recommendations.

Our resort is very miami-esque in style, and the lobby is quite stylish with Kenneth Cobonpue pieces, which opens right up into the ocean. So we're looking for more chillout, Cafe Del Mar-type of music.
This would've been easy enough to look for but I'm realizing that Cafe Del Mar is still a very broad qualifier.
Does anybody have specific albums or tracks in mind for beach-y chillout music?

Thanks a bunch!
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Ottmar Liebert
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I'm gonna ignore your Cafe Del Mar qualifier as it means so much that it means nothing. What would I like to hear in a lobby before heading to the beach?

Susumu Yokota (I think his Grinning Cat album is a masterpiece; all 3 tracks are from it)
The Dining Rooms
St. Germain (though pretty obvious)
Lemon Jelly (first track has a travel tie-in)
Gotan Project
Thievery Corporation

And this suggestion sounds nothing like the above and may break the boundries a bit but it's a haunting album and plays nice in large spaces: Grouper's Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, probably my most listened to album of the last couple years. To me it has a very lovely summer night time feel to it.
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Anything by the Buena Vista Social Club
Or Novelle Vogue (classic punk songs re-done in a mellow chill-out style)
Or any duet by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
Brother Iz is great chill out music too
And Stan Getz / Astrid Gilberto are king and queen of chill out jazz
Sergio Mendez is pretty chill too
This version of the Beatles classic Norwegian Wood is very chill
Her Mantle So Green, a traditional irish song, by Sinead OConnor is very chill
Ella Fitzgerald has so many great tunes too
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Anything from either The Biz or Oui by The Sea and Cake.
Example 1.
Example 2.
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