Looking for an ipad app that will let me draw on a PDF but will leave the original file unchanged.
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I am looking for an iPad app that will let me load a PDF file, draw on top of it with my finger, but not actually change the underlying PDF file as a result. No luck finding an app that meets my needs yet, any recs?

The problem is, most apps I have found that involve PDF use will want to save your changes or somehow incorporate the drawing into the PDF file as an annotation and I want my original PDF file to always remain unchanged.

I am a teacher and I plan to use such an app to demonstrate worksheets to my students. So for example, I would load a worksheet saved as a PDF into the app, be able to circle the correct answer or draw lines on it or draw letters to make a word and fill in a blank. And then when I am done demonstrating, I can erase the drawing etc. and have my original PDF file ready to use with another class. In short, I want a virtual whiteboard that can load various PDF files as a background.

Can anyone suggest an app for this?
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What if you copied the original PDF and just mangled the copy? Sorry I don't have any suggestions. What are the names of apps you have already tried?
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I unfortunately lost all my not-on-the-pad apps in a recent hard drive crash, but I checked out every free PDF program and about 5 $0.99 ones. I am reluctant to pay for pricier apps unless I know they will do what I want...
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If you ask this question in the Iannotate forums they can probably tell you whether that app (which my colleagues rave about) can do the trick:


I'm still compiling a list of which apps will work on an overhead projector and which won't.
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TakeNotes does exactly what you're looking for. I prefer it over iannotate.

I don't know if it projects onto a screen, though.
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