Honduran orphans would like to see my photos
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How do I configure my WordPress gallery to look more like flickr, and less like a lightbox?

I want to share travel pictures with friends who have lousy internet connections and/or old computers, and this whole popup java based "PicLens" basically makes me homicidal. It works for two photos, and then requires rebooting! It features black background with white text! It isn't simple and easy and everything I want in life!

The thumbnail gallery seems totally adequate, but I'd like there to be some non-pop up way to navigate from photo to photo. Something like, you know, flickr.

It seems like this would be fairly easy to accomplish if I were photoblogging, and making each picture it's own separate post, but that sounds like work. AND, it doesn't solve my problem of navigating from picture to picture.

What I like about flickr: decent sized photo, my photo description text is legible, the navigation is easy to use, and individual photos can be commented on.
What I don't like about flickr: It isn't the website I happen to own. (Note: I'm not looking for something that looks exactly like fickr- just something that has reasonably similar functionality.)

Before this project, I thought I was reasonably code-savvy, but now I feel dumb like a box of rocks. I can not possibly be the only person who desires this! Dear Hivemind: please help.
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Not exactly answering your question, but I use Lightbox Plus with my Wordpress site.

It still pops up pics in the way you don't care for, but navigation is simple - just clicking on the pic or using the left or right arrows takes you to the next pic.

You can also set up the pics in a Gallery format to see them all before you start clicking away...
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Can't you just disable the lightbox addon?
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I'm a little confused here -- there's nothing in a default WordPress install that has anything to do with 'java based "PicLens"' so you must be using a plugin. If you dislike it so much why not just remove that plugin and go back to the default? What about other gallery plugins, have you tried any?
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Response by poster: Shutting it off would be fabulous, but I honestly can't figure out how.

PicLens seems to be built into the default WordPress gallery (NextGEN) - and some form of lightbox pop up viewer seems to be built in to every gallery I've looked at.
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