Hey, Facebook, I think you goofed on these new thumbs…
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I'm really hating the new thumbnails layout for Facebook albums and want to do something about it. But what? And…

in general, how does one peek behind the curtain a bit with Facebook? Are there blogs or other sites where you can read about what FB is doing/planning, interact with Facebook functionaries or reps, or other users, in some even moderately constructive and not just vent-worthy way?

Back to my albums/thumbs gripe, in short, thumbs used to match the album images exactly, just like a contact sheet. But now the thumbs are all the same size and shape, so they crop the ref'ed image when it won't fit the thumb shape. If the album is all artwork, as most of mine are, this renders the thumbs far less useful than they used to be, since you can't scan the thumbs to locate images unless you're able to recognize them from some arbitrary cropped detail. I can't imagine that other artists with FB Pages aren't equally annoyed, but I haven't spotted or been able to search out any posts or groups about it. Nor can I imagine that the powers at FB would be completely immune to seeing the sense of my objections. There are surely millions of artists who use FB as an online gallery, etc., etc.

So, all ideas for being proactive on this are very welcome; thanks!
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Best answer: FB announces many feature changes on their blog.
There is also the FB developer area where technical discussion of things happening behind the scenes with FB occur. You're bound to see new information about what changes are coming down the pipe.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that got me to a Photos Suggestions page, a good start.
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