Trying to find an article in Intl Jour Intercultural Relations
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How can I find a library with access (preferably electronic) to the International Journal of Intercultural Relations? I am looking for this 1992 article.

My university and relevant cities do not subscribe. The author has not responded to email so far (but she does share other articles so I hold out some hope...), and I CAN NOT figure out how to get WorldCat to actually tell me what libraries have this (I accept that I may be missing something obvious).
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Check your e-mail.
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I checked through my institution, and we do subscribe but there is nothing available online before 1995. This may be one of those cases where you have to talk to a real live librarian and have them find you a hard copy.
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If you go to Worldcat, you have to click on a specific instance of the journal to see which libraries have it, and make sure Worldcat knows your location. So from where I am it looks like Dartmouth and UMass have it, it's not that unpopular. For whatever reason, I'm not seeing the full-text option available online for the article you're looking for (otherwise I would have just emailed it to you).
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Damn, I love you guys. This has been eating at me all week.

Indeed, one or both of those steps in the interface was the one that caught me. It looks like the article I got may indeed have been scanned, and grouse actually sent the article. A win, and educated for next time.
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Your university librarian can usually get this sort of stuff for you too.
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For future reference, when you have this problem, go to your library's interlibrary loan department. This is exactly the situation for which they exist.
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The library's (enforced) policy is to not order books or articles or anything else that is not directly within your actual field. Well-roundedness does not count.

I suppose they could have helped with the WorldCat problem if I were physically there this summer, but that's another issue entirely.
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