I need to have these sunglasses.
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Calling all Google-fu masters. What kind of sunglasses is John Lydon wearing in this 80s PiL video and where can I find them or something just like it?
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I see them described as "Max Hedroom-esque". Similar ones here, but not in blue.
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That's tough. They're actually blue-framed sunglasses with grey lenses. And considering that video is getting on 30 years old... Nike makes a similar pair, but they're not exactly the same.
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(here's a better pic.)
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Another option
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There are vintage frame places online. Could try Fabulous Franny's, they're NYC based. Or Allyn Scurra. Or Eyeglasses Boy. If you see the something like the ones you're looking for, having the name of the style or brand might help you find the modern equivalents.
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Response by poster: What I like about the sunglasses are the clean, simple lines. Specifically the top line is straight like the ones in this picture (which are the closest in style I could find to the ones in the video). I also like them because they aren't the huge, face engulfing frames that a lot of people wear. I'm so obsessed with finding these sunglasses that I've watched that video about 15 times, ha. Thanks for the responses so far.
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How about this one? Not sure about the "face-engulfing" aspect though...
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This probably isn't going to help, but Lydon's glasses to me look like different color versions of what Tone Loc wore in the video for "Funky Cold Medina".
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This looks close but a bit different.
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Response by poster: I think you're right cropshy, they look almost exactly the same with the exception of the color. It's gotta be a specific brand of sunglasses.
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