Foreign language videos for kids
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I want to do a film series of fun kid-friendly animations, TV shows, online series, music videos, language learning videos, shorts…that weren’t produced in the US and ideally, weren’t recorded in English. Can you help me make a list? More details inside.

I want to do some “Food and Film” events for next year’s summer reading program; not sure whether it will be for teens or younger kids yet. We’ll get together, sample some food from a particular place/culture, perhaps make a related craft, and have some related videos to watch.

I have seen this question and this question, from which I’ve gotten plenty of ideas for feature films. Anime is easy to get. A broader list would be better!

Dubbed is fine, subtitled is fine, neither dubbed nor subtitled is fine; non-North American but in English is OK too. High entertainment value and/or cuteness is key. I’m looking for everything from the cheesiest Bollywood to Plaza Sésamo to this to this.
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Jean-Luc & Faipassa ("fait pas ça", geddit?) is exceptionally silly, and isn't really in any language except for the apology note that the chastened Jean-Luc has to write at the end of each short. Tends towards gross humour and extreme cartoon violence. It's also known as Jean-Luc & Dondoozat and jean-Luc y Nuagazezo.

Each one, unfortunately, is only 45s long ...
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How about "Marie & Gali"? Each 5 minute episode features a lesson in science.
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Cheburashka is a classic Russian animated series. The stories and characters are fantastic but the music makes it all the more special. Here is a small youtube compilation.
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I get the feeling that Pocoyo was originally recorded in Spanish, but our preschool-age daughter likes the Chinese dub that we bought. I'm not sure how you'd get a hold of it... maybe if you ordered the DVD it would have Spanish audio as well?
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Caillou for the younger kids, Titeuf for the older kids. They're both in French.
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Mat and Pat is a series of fun Czech stop-motion slapstick shorts. I've seen them on Youtube I think. Wikipedia's article onstop-motion animation has a few more suggestions, as well.

Caillou appears in English on some US tv stations; not sure if you're aiming for exotic but some kids will likely have seen it.
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Metafilter post about Mat & Pat with more links
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