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SeattleTrailFilter: Help me find a good hike for this Sunday

  • Under 2 hours drive from Seattle
  • Somewhere in the range of 5-9 miles in length
  • 2000 to 4000 ft elevation gain
Any suggestions?
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The hike to Lake Serene is lovely and the trailhead is easily accessible.
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Sorry, meant to link to this photo.
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The Washington Trails Association website is a great resource for this type of search. It looks like they've changed the hike finder's interface a little bit since the last time I used it, but I see that you can still filter by length, elevation gain, area, and lots of other things.

Off the top of my head Wallace Falls seems like a good hike, but it's bound to be crowded on the weekend and I see it doesn't have quite the elevation gain you're looking for.
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I just did the Tinkham and Silver Peaks loop a week ago. It's just off of Snoqualmie Pass, and not very crowded. There was a bit of snow on the trail, but nothing major. I'd recommend doing it clockwise - I prefer going up steeper grades and down more gentle grades.

But if you want something really special (and a bit farther) go to Lake Ingalls. I went there on Tuesday, and saw lots of cute mountain goats (with babies!) and lots of cool flowers (like shooting stars). It's right at the edge of 2 hours from Seattle, but it's really worth it. Just be prepared for a mostly-exposed hike until you hit the pass. I drank 3L of water. Also the lake is still mostly frozen, but still beautiful. Mount Stuart is unbelievably dark and craggy.
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Snow Lake.
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